Ground Screws: One of the Most Essential Fasteners in Fence Construction Work

The ground screws are one of the most essential fasteners in fence construction work. This particular fastener has also been a widely accepted practice for more than 10 years. However, the use of such screws especially in decks has not been as well accepted.

Ground Screws at Construction Work

Such kinds of rivets have distinct advantages over conventional piles, posts or pad systems. These have considerably evolved in the past decade and are now available in a wider array of types and sizes.

You cannot blindly go for this particular screw; instead you should grab proper knowledge or seek advice from experts for making use of such rivets. As you know, today’s market is replete with several types of screws, which are designed to meet the specific needs and requirements, so selection of accurate fastener is also relevant. By this, you can always avoid the risks involved with implanting any kind of fastener, including screw, pile or post which is inadequate for your job.

You can come across numerous do-it-yourself decks online, but always go for such organizations, which are certified and already having a good rapport in the industry.

If your task involves one-level smaller decks, which requires you to go for a 4 by 4 post on a concrete deck pad; improper levelling can still occur, which can further lead to improper load distribution and shifting.

Besides applications including post & pad installations, you’ll also have to manage with pile & post installations as well. Piles are always a better option than pads in shelling out the weight smoothly below the deck into the soil, thereby rendering a groundwork, which is less likely to alter with various moisture content present in the soil and heavy deck cartage.

In case of multi-level mezzanines, you can go for pile systems, which are the common method to ensure endurance, durability and strength.

However, ground screws are always a better option, which are far more enhanced than pile-and-post construction, especially for the domestic projects. These fasteners can be easily removed and re-installed unlike piles, which usually involve digging and manual labour.

Technical View of Ground screws L socket


One of the most commonly used ground screws is the Krinner ground screws, which are ideal for faster, effective and long-lasting alternative to the concrete foundation.

Advantages of using ground screws

#Effective and flexible:

These fasteners are used as a groundwork for various jobs, including permanent as well as temporary ground augmented applications. This includes construction of single highway signs to large scale solar farms and fencing.

These specialized screws are ideal for both cohesive as well as granular soil types.

Ground Screws for Different soil Types.

#Renders top precision and unsurpassed construction timing:

These fasteners are installed using a number of various aids and machinery. These are capable of getting inserted into the exact point in the ground within a sort span of time.

#Involves concrete-free job:

Their installation procedure does not involve excavation, digging or wet trades, thereby saving considerable amount of time.

#Cost-effective and long-lasting:

These are great alternatives to traditional construction work. These are made from 75-80% of recycled steel. Their installation procedure is vibration-free and endures low impact, thereby becoming easily removable. Plus, these fasteners put less effect on the landscape.

Clear view of a Ground screw

#Robust and simple:

The Krinner ground screws are rigidly tested and so have gained worldwide reputation and are ISO1461 certified.

#Ideal for highways:

In UK, most of the highway constructions involve these screws. In addition to, these have also been approved by the German Federal Road & Transport Authorities for the erection of all types of traffic signs.

Ground Screw Installation Steps

#Consistent performance:

These fasteners render a 25-year guarantee, with an overall life span of up to 50 years.

This video explains how ground screws work for solar car ports. Do have a look!

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In the days when a screwdriver was the only mode to insert this object into something, the Phillips was the king. But now, with the availability of advanced cordless drivers, the hardware industry has greatly developed, thereby making our lives simple and easy.

This company offers a huge variety on this particular product. Almost every kind of machine screws, ranging from deck, hex head cap, eye bolts and eye, threads rolling etc. are easily available here. I can bet there’s something for everyone in this website.

The online shopping has now become one of the most frequently used methods of purchasing. It gives us the advantage of going through various brands and models, plus we can even compare the prices of various companies. And with the minimal charge for free shipping, it becomes icing on your cake. Go online and fix up your life with Mutual Screw!

Various Features of Stainless Steel Screws

Stainless steel screws represent an extremely adroit sealed system. These are used for varied purposes by surgeons, carpenters and boat builders. Below are just a few common examples to show how varied these pieces can be:

• Transparent deck fastenings

• Securing concrete

• Surgery

Of course, the same supply cannot be used for the different jobs. The screw head and alloys are different for different fields, but the basic concept is the same.

This particular object was first envisaged by Harry Brearley in England. He conceived it in 1912 and had it patented in 1915 under the name of Staybrite. This metal piece is eco-friendly as it can be recycled, thereby being applicable to the prevailing pro-environment movements globally.The application of stainless steel screws is based on its gripping ability and its metallic composition that helps prevent corrosion. It features different combinations of elements/materials. It is a steel alloy, where iron features certain amount of chromium, which enables the non-corrosion property to this particular screw. A minimum amount of 10.5% of it is required to have this property.

When exposed to oxygen, the metal piece will not be affected, as a film of chromium oxide is protecting it. Thus, corrosion won’t be able to penetrate within it. When these screws are used in dampen weather conditions, the steel may discolour certain woods such as oak. Additionally, the said screw features anti-rusting and anti-corrosive properties, which makes it ideal for use in areas outside that are usually prone to moisture and heat

The screw features various kinds of heads and it is useful for the customers to know which ones are best suitable for their requirements. Corresponding screw drivers or other turning instruments are required to turn the screw.

These fasteners can be turned manually or even with the help of an electric drill, where the instrument has been attached to. Some screws however do not feature heads but eyes such as the screw eye’’. These are often used on yachts, but not a wide manner. The opposite end of the screw also varies. For drilling wood or other soft surfaces, the screw end requires a point. Machine screws however, have a flat end since the screw will be holding pieces of metal together.

U Bolt: Installation and Usage

An U Bolt is commonly a type of fastener used in business construction to append any threaded rod or bolt accessory to concrete. After installing it, you will now be left with female threads in the binding material, featuring either threaded rod or bolts.

U Bolt

These pieces are available in various sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 5/8″ diameters with 3/8″ being the most common. This above mentioned anchor is mostly used in poured gluing applications excluding the ankle deep version of the fastener.

There are various types of drop-in anchors available in the market. The most common type features a lip, so as to enable the grapnel flush with the surface; another type is the lip less, which is used for setting below the surface and there’s also a shallow form, which is used in pre-cast plank and post tension binding material. The last but not the least type is the coil thread type.

However, among all these types, the most frequently used fastener is the lipped type U Bolt and one of the biggest manufacturing and selling brands is the Mutual Screw & Supply.

Here’s a short preface on the shallow type. Many a times, we look out for pre-cast and post tension binding material for good reasons. If we accidentally hit a post tension cord while drilling, chances are there we can lurch the cord thereby causing injury or even worse. So these fasteners are created to penetrate at 3/4th of an inch. In addition to, for further safety you can even go for stop bit, which features a shoulder on the bit to ensure proper drilling without causing any damage.

How to install an U Bolt?

The installation procedure is quite simple for this particular fastener. All you need is to penetrate a basic 3/8″ version in poured binding material and for this, you’ll have to drill a 1/2″ hole to the proper depth. The hole’s size will vary depending upon the anchor’s diameter. Use required pressurized air to clean the hole; you can even go for a blow bulb to clean it. Now install the anchor with the help of a correct tool. Please keep a note that a correct set tool is relevant. Now pound on the tool till you hit the shoulder on the tool, where you’ll hear a solid thud sound when the whole thing is set.

Eye bolts & Eye Screws: Prerequisite For Renovation of Your House

Renovating your house is always exciting and if you take the initiative then nothing can be more exciting than this. Plus, it’s always move, as you would always be saving a lot of money on mechanics and all. The DIY (do-it-yourself) project is always a smart choice, provided you know the basic technicalities involved in your renovation process. After coming up with a blueprint, the next thing is to gather necessary building materials, such as eye bolts & eye screws.

You should first of all know what your basic building material requirements before initiating the renovation task. There are certain tools and hardware supplies, which help you make your ask easier and faster. Those devices are specially designed to enable an anchor into steel deck, brick, concrete, stone, wallboard and wooden panels.

Below are some of the fasteners you should know about:

Eye bolts & eye screws

An eye bolt looks like a lollipop. While one end of the bolt looks like the threaded end of a screw, the other end is round in shape. The threaded ends are part of the bolts, featuring slanted ridges. These metal pieces are used to fix cables, wires, strings or chains to any surface or objects. For instance, they can be fixed into the ceiling to support plumbing pipes. Besides, these are also used to support wall hangings, light fixtures and other decorative items.

Usually there are two types of eye bolts: welded and forged. A welded one has got closed ‘eye’, fixed to the base, while the forged one has got an ‘eye’ that forms a semi-closed loop.


This kind of fastener is a round pin used to fix two objects with each other. It is mainly used to manufacture curtain rods or racks. It is available in various sizes and designs. However, the wooden ones are the most commonly used fasteners, as these are used in wooden pieces to strengthen the joints.

Depending upon your requirement, you can select from a wide range of available fasteners.

Security Screws: Ensuring Safety to the Manufacturers

The facility of a fastening, made possible with security screws has now become a key business over the past few decades. The need for such kind of security fastening tool has now become quite essential for varied reasons. While some of them feature more functionality, others are available in a completely new range of fastening categories.

Security Screws

The major reason for security was looked for in a piece of metal, so that a manufacturer was able to store the integrity of his machine by ignoring unauthorized access. This was particularly useful for restoring all sorts of repair works, thereby enabling the manufacturer to resolve at cost-effective prices. This particular metal piece is specially designed to maintain the confidentiality of the design of the equipment, which is virtually impossible today.

The bolts, nuts and of course the screws are the basic hardware supplies, which are used in every hardware industry, who require fasteners. Right from manufacturing to construction and furniture crafting, every industrial operation uses these seemingly tiny but relatively significant tools just to fix everything in place.

The security screws are mostly used to mechanically fasten two objects with one other. A fastener is mechanical equipment that keeps two or even more objects in definite positions. The standard Flat 100 °Head machine screws is now in demand these days. They have come to the fore and enable a great deal of security and ensure that they are not undone by any layman. One of these common types features two small holes, inserted into the head of the screw on either side of the center, which requires a specially designed screwdriver to unscrew it. These wrenches are not available in general stores; therefore those fasteners are also reasonably secured.

There are so many manufacturing companies out there, but the Mutual Screw & Supply is always hard to beat, when it comes to quality and pricing. You can check-out their website and surprised to see such an enormous variety.

Deck Screws: Must for Setting up a Wooden Porch

If your house is located across a lake, pond or creek then it’s obvious to find a deck in your establishment. These sitting areas are not only popular in beach or lakeside houses, but also in houses located atop the hills. A deck/patio always enables you with an undisturbed panoramic view of your surroundings. This not only enhances the value of your house, but always enlivens your mood whenever you are around.

Instead of going for concrete one, you can set-up such kind of patio in wood, which not only gives a great decor, but also makes us feel comfortable to use it. You will certainly require deck screws to construct this type of floor.

A wooden porch is made up of wooden platforms, which are fastened together by the above mentioned fasteners. Since such kind of patio is set-up outside of your house, so you will need hardware supplies, which will not only keep the slabs in place, but will also withstand the climatic conditions and if you’re setting up the porch for your beach house then do expect any kind of corrosion due to the all year round damp weather. And in such cases, the deck fasteners can only save your exclusive patio from any kind of corrosion.

These are very special kind of rivets, designed especially for the wooden porch. Unlike regular lags, these metal pieces are specially designed to bear the harsh weather conditions, as these are coated with a specific solution that helps them prevent corrosion. These feature quite sharp edges and thus can easily go through any kind of wooden surface. Their points are cuspate and narrow, thereby reducing the necessity of using pilot drills to make holes, which may also harm the wooden planks. And if your surface is made up of any soft wood, say cedar then using a pilot drill is strictly prohibited.

The deck screws are quite easy to be installed, but are equally difficult to pull out. This is because of their shank design. Their thread is adjusted by certain degrees. They usually require smaller degrees, which mean they have narrow threads, which subsequently suggests that they have more threads along the shaft. This feature makes them easy to get inserted into the surface.

So how would you choose the best deck screws?

An expert framer always prefers deck screws over deck nails, although the later one is bit cheaper than the former. Unlike nails, screws always tend to effectively attach wood where as in case of nails, wood may split apart, thereby causing cracks and eventually damaging the surface.

However, when it comes to selecting the deck screws, you should be careful enough in choosing the best deck screws. You should consider various factors such as the environmental conditions and if the deck is likely to be exposed to the saline weather. If your project involves any construction nearby waterfront then it is always suggested to go for galvanized deck screws, which can resist the humid climate.

You’ll find some special type of screws, which are protected with an extra waterproof coating, which extends the life of hardware further. Such kind of coating is usually made up of ceramic or epoxy. Such coating not only extends the life of the fasteners, but also prevents them from sliding out of place in the long run.

However, there’s a risk involved in using such screws. The problem lies in binding i.e. when you drill those screws into the deck; chances are the threads may bind up because of the extra coasting on the threads. Such loophole can create breakage, thereby making such application useless.

As we say, there’s a solution to every problem. You can still go with such fasteners and can solve this issue by creating pre-drilled or pilot holes for fastening. The pre-drilling indeed lessens the pressure applied on the screw, thereby preventing binding.

The length of the deck screws is another important factor to be considered, especially if you’re looking deck screws for the best ones for your project. For this, you need to first consider the type of material you are using. You should always pick the metal pieces, which should be long enough to attach two boards together firmly. You should measure the boards on which you’re going to do the fastening work. It will give you a clear idea in choosing the length of the rivets.

Always choose with flat heads, which can lie flush with the outer profile of the boards once the screw has been drilled. The flat head will prevent the screw from fitting above the surface the board, thereby stopping any potential damage/injury.

Now that you are done in choosing the length and type, it now becomes necessary to choose the correct screwdriver. The most commonly used driver is the Phillips head, which features a cross shape. This kind of driver will help you install deck screws more effectively and easily.

Full Dog Point and Other Types of Set Screws

A set screw is a kind of fastener used to fasten two objects together. It is most commonly used in securing a gear or pulley to a shaft. It is usually headless and so it’s also known as ‘blind‘.

This kind of rivet is fully threaded and unlike other screws, it doesn’t have any head projecting out of the screw thread.  The blind set screw is known as a ‘grub screw‘ and is always driven with an internal-wrenching drive, such as Allen (hex socket), Torx (star), Roberston (square socket) or slot.

One of the most commonly used type of set screw is the full dog point set screw, which features a flat tip stretching from one end of the screw. This extended tip helps in locating a machined groove on a shaft.

In industrial applications, the set screw is enabled to pass through a threaded hole in the external object and is tightly secured against the inner device, so as to prevent the inner device from moving relative to the external object. This kind of method eventually releases a clamping force on the end tip of the hole.

This kind of action can be further explained with this example – When a set screw is secured into a pulley hub and its end-point is firmly attached to the shaft, some amount of friction is created between the screw and shaft. And because of this fastening action, some amount of plastic/elastic deformation is also created simultaneously.

Types of Set Screws

#Full Dog Point Set Screws – These types of set screws enable the shaft to rotate freely whilst maintaining the spindle in a locked position. These fasteners are available in different thread sizes ranging from M2 to M16. Besides, these rivets are also available in 5/40 X 3/8, 6/32 x 1/4, 6/32 x 5/16 and 6/32 x 3/8 alloy steel; A2 and A4 stainless steel as well. All these models comply with industry standards.

To facilitate more, the dog point set screws are enabled with high precision machining process. Through this feature, a general tolerance level of ±0.13  mm is conveniently achieved. This kind of high level of accuracy makes these set screws suitable for high precision applications. These types of rivets are also available in other finishes, various other thread sizes and are flexible enough to be modified to suit the customers’requirement.


  • Dimensions: ASME B18.3
  • Material &Mechanical Properties: ASTM F912.
  • Diameter:  3/16 ,1/4, 5/16,  3/8
  • Thread requirements: ASME B1.1, Class 3A, UNC and UNF.
  • Finish: Black Oxide (Thermal or Chemical)

#Half dog point screws – Like full dog point set screws, these rivets also feature a flat tip, protruding out from one end. This flat tip is typically located within a shaft groove on the fastener and it helps in the rotation of the shaft, whilst still retaining compression and holding both objects in place. These metal pieces are mostly used for permanent rotating part settings.

These screws are developed from high grade alloy and stainless steel, sourced from trusted vendors. Stores like Mutual Screw offer these screws in various finishes and dimensions, so as to suit every individual’s requirements in different applications. These set screw are used in various oil & petrochemical plants, especially because of their special non-electrolyte plating like geometer and dacromet features.


  • Standard: DIN 564
  • Diameter: M6-M36
  • Length: 10 mm – 250 mm
  • Material: Alloy, stainless steel
  • Finish: Zinc trivalent, hexavalent, zinc flake, hdg, blackening

Both the full dog point set screws and half dog point screws are equipped with an extended tip that fits into a hole drilled in a shaft. This feature is used in permanent location while attaching one part to another. Sometimes, these tips are even replaced with dowel pins. Both of these set screws are also used as adjusting screws and are ideal for thin wall and soft plugs. These are specially designed for frequent resetting and relocating purposes.

#Cup point set screw – It is another most commonly used type of set screw. It features a cup-shaped dent on one end and is mostly used for temporary assembly or quick projects. The cup point feature is the major highlight of such kind of set screw, as its round surface offers excellent resistance and a strong grip.

This set screw is designed by dexterous engineers, who assure that these fastening products are developed in strict compliance with the industry standards and norms. Moreover, these products are widely popular in the market because of their corrosion resistant characteristic, dimensional accuracy and longer service life.


  • Standard ISO 4029, DIN 916, BS.4168, 818.3.6, WB18.3, JIS 811.77
  • Diameter: M4 to M24, 3116″ to 1″
  • Length: 5 mm to 60 mm, 3/16″ to 2 ½”
  • Material: Alloy, stainless steel
  • Finish: Thermal black only
#Flat point set screw – This screw features a flat surface on one end and is the simplest and least expensive of all the types of set screws. A flat point of set screw is appropriate in situation where the set screw is required to press completely flat against a surface, so as to create compression.
This kind of fastener is excellent for projects, which demand frequent relocation rather than than permanent positioning.

Factors to Consider Before Installing Cement Screws

It is always necessary to use the accurate fastener in certain cases, so as to ensure that the installation is carried out correctly. The cement or concrete screw is a special kind of fastener, specifically manufactured to tap its own threads into a pre-drilled hole in various types of base materials including brick, concrete, brick and block.

The leading manufacturing brand, Tapcon® was the first to introduce such kind of rivet in the market. This screw was patented in 1976 by ITW Buildex. These screws are mostly popular for their easy installation feature and superior pull-out resistance and high holding qualities.

Cement Screw Threads

In the binding material anchoring industry, the threads of such types of fasteners are referred as “High-Low”. These types of threads enable quick and complete dust removal during the installation procedure. Their “High-Low” characteristics further enable the fastener to tap its threads steadily, thereby delivering high-standard performance.

While installing always remember that removal of dust is necessary, as the dust present inside the pre-drilled hole may affect the installation process.  Dust is usually created in the hole when the threads cut into the surface, so always clean up the hole as soon as it is created. This will ensure you smooth and proper installation, with less amount of torque required to penetrate the screw into the hard surface.

And if you delay the cleaning up of dust process then numerous problems may arise. The screw can get stuck in the hole, thereby preventing further insertion and you would face much difficulty to remove the screw. Also, if the screw gets stuck in the hole and in order to move it if we apply too much of torque then the head of the fastener can be snipped off. As the lead thread cuts off of the base material, so it’s highly important to maintain the quality of the steel as well as the thread.


Diameter of Hole of Concrete Screws

As with all cement anchors, the hole tolerance is quite critical. Let’s say for a 3/16″ diameter screw, the hole diameter should be of 5/32″. And if you are using a screw with a 1/4″ diameter then the required hole diameter should be 3/16″. You should always use a hammer drill and compare the tolerance carbide-tipped masonry bits when installing cement screws.

Proper Fastening

Concrete screws require a minimum plunge of 1″ and maximum should be around 1-3/4″ into the base material. An implantation of less than 1″ should not be done, as it reduces the holding values of the screw.

With a proper knowledge, we can always make correct use of the cement screws in the construction project.