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Types and Benefits of Twinfast Screws

Whenever it comes to fixing two objects or fastening something we always look for a screw, which is the most essential product in the world of hardware supplies. The Phillips Truss Zinc Twinfast Screws are usually used with studs. These are the most commonly used metal pieces, be it in factories or homes. We usually need them on frequent basis.

When it comes to domestic use, we can even manage with nailing or gluing, which are easy, quicker and even require less effort, but both of these methods leave behind a permanent joint, which cannot be easily dismantled. Moreover, none of these techniques are going to render durability and strength. Therefore, the screw is the winner, which not only sustains durability, but can be easily removed whenever required.

Twinfast WoodscrewNow choosing the right type of fastener is necessary. You should select depending upon the type of your job. However, it can be bit complicated, as there is a huge variation, when it comes to materials, sizes, head styles, plated finishes and thread types. And if you’re thinking of going for a popular online store say Mutual Screw then twinfast screws are available in wide ranges. So you need to decide as per your basic requirements and then should go for a particular model. Buy Twinfast Screws from the main website.

These metal objects are available in two common head slot styles; the cross head style and the traditional slotted head style. However, in market three cross head style screws are available, which can be quite confusing to identify. The Phillips Truss Head Zinc Plated one is in much demand these days, which are usually available in 8 X 2-1/2 sizes. You can fetch them online at only $57.13 for 500 pieces. The Philips screws are mostly used on machines and self-tapping and are fitted to objects manufactured on the Continent and in the Far East.

Such kinds of fasteners are specifically designed for light gauge metal studs and wooden studs. If you do an online research, you’ll come across numerous websites, dealing with twinfast screws. However there are some web stores, which purely sell on bulk amounts, mostly to various manufacturers.

A Brief Introduction to the Hilti Screws

Hilti screws are now-a-days, one of the most searched hardware items in the Internet. The Hilti Company is one of the leading fastener manufacturers in the world and their products are counted among the top-selling hardware supplies in the world market.

Hilti screws Company

They have proved to be a great support for the international construction industry through their cutting-edge technology and high-end quality. Their products as well as their services enable the construction industry and even hardware industries with creative solutions and advanced benefits. Their head office is located at Schaan in the Principality of Liechtenstein.

They are active in more than 120 countries and their strength is up to 22,000, featuring skilled and proficient employees.

Hilti screw Kit and a Drilling Machine

The Hilti Corporation or the Hilti Group manufactures and markets the fasteners and all sorts of related machines, such as the anchoring systems, drilling machine, screw fastening systems etc. The company’s products, which are already a hit among the construction world, these are even highly opted by the hardware and wooden manufacturing companies as well.

The company focuses mostly upon its anchoring systems, various kinds of screws and bolts, hammer drills, installation systems and fire stops, but their buck does not just stop here. Their extended best-selling products also include tools, such as laser levels, electric drills, power saws, heavy angle drills and much more in the list.

However, this company is more popular because of its Hilti screws, which are available in almost all ranges and sizes, suiting almost every field and industry.

Some of its best-selling fasteners are mentioned below. Continue reading!

Sheet Metal Ductwork Screws

The S-MS HVAC zip screws are a combination of sharp as well as self-drilling screws. They are tailor made to attach sheet metal pieces, ranging from 18 to 28 gauges. They adopt the Hyper Thread technology to deliver the off-angle fastening capability, even in heavy-duty gauge sheet metal. These are also capable of being driven up to 30 degrees.

This advanced technology offers a tapered point and a shank for continuous driving with almost no metal filings. According to the Hilti Group, this specialized off-angle fastening quality in gauges ranging from 18 to 28 cuts off the installation time at much ease, while those enabled with high-profile heads and limited metal filings increase safety.

These specialized screws are made up of carbon steel along-with zinc electroplating and are available in two sizes. While the #10 S-MS is used for applications falling between 18 and 26 gauge and are driven with a 5/16-inch drive, the other type, the #8 S-MS is used for applications falling between 20 and 28 gauge and are driven with a 1/4-inch drive.

Hilti Sheet metal ductwork screws

Sheet Metal Zip Screws

The S-MS HVAC zip screws also adopt the above mentioned technology to produce off-angle tightening, even in heavy-gauge sheet metal. This applied technology enables these screws with a tapered end and shank for consistent driving without metal filings.

They help join metal sheets up to two layers of 18-gauge and the heads of such fasteners help reduce any stress from base material supplanting. These are specially designed to fasten sheet metal ranging between 18 and 28 gauge, plus these are self-piercing and can be easily driven even at 30 degrees.

Characteristics of Butterfly Screws

A butterfly screw features a butterfly-like shape and embellishing look that makes it even more interesting. This design is ideal for usage, where the hinge is visible and more effective hardware would fluster from any piece of furniture, such as door or other product.

Replacement hinges are usually available at the home supply stores and are used for projects such as mending old furniture items or installing new cabinet doors. Such kind of fastener is also seen at salvage units, especially in cases, where people are willing to use historic hardware.

The accurate shape of a butterfly hinge usually varies from one company to other, but in most of the cases, it somewhat looks like the wings of a butterfly i.e. wings spread over from the center pin. Ornamental coats usually include a wide range of characteristics, as well as scrollwork or carved. There are even some models, which are coated in enamel to render a rich colored appearance. Such kinds of screws are designed specially to fit in properly, so they will be less visible, and accurately get placed inside the screw holes, which are typically bevelled.

The butterfly screws are also known as dovetail hinges and are mostly used for fine furniture projects. Appliances such as cabinets, boxes and other projects featuring hinged panels, doors, and similar characteristics may involve ornamental hardware, so as to prevent a jarring appearance. Depending on the pattern, such kind of rivet is made visible, whenever the project is opened or closed and can accord to the overall appearance. Do not go for bulky hinges if you’re looking for a general stainless steel finish, as it might appear out of place.

When looking for such kind of fastener, it is always necessary to pay extra attention to the screw depths and weight rating. These screws come in a wide range of sizes and pattern, from very small structures for miniature cases to heavy ones for cabinet drawers. So always be careful in choosing the correct size, as the wrong hinge may not be able to tolerate the weight, thereby causing a door or lid to fall out of plumb.

Screw depth is another necessary factor to consider; as long-sized screws could create cracks in the surface material or may penetrate all the way through.

Full Dog Point and Other Types of Set Screws

A set screw is a kind of fastener used to fasten two objects together. It is most commonly used in securing a gear or pulley to a shaft. It is usually headless and so it’s also known as ‘blind‘.

This kind of rivet is fully threaded and unlike other screws, it doesn’t have any head projecting out of the screw thread.  The blind set screw is known as a ‘grub screw‘ and is always driven with an internal-wrenching drive, such as Allen (hex socket), Torx (star), Roberston (square socket) or slot.

One of the most commonly used type of set screw is the full dog point set screw, which features a flat tip stretching from one end of the screw. This extended tip helps in locating a machined groove on a shaft.

In industrial applications, the set screw is enabled to pass through a threaded hole in the external object and is tightly secured against the inner device, so as to prevent the inner device from moving relative to the external object. This kind of method eventually releases a clamping force on the end tip of the hole.

This kind of action can be further explained with this example – When a set screw is secured into a pulley hub and its end-point is firmly attached to the shaft, some amount of friction is created between the screw and shaft. And because of this fastening action, some amount of plastic/elastic deformation is also created simultaneously.

Types of Set Screws

#Full Dog Point Set Screws – These types of set screws enable the shaft to rotate freely whilst maintaining the spindle in a locked position. These fasteners are available in different thread sizes ranging from M2 to M16. Besides, these rivets are also available in 5/40 X 3/8, 6/32 x 1/4, 6/32 x 5/16 and 6/32 x 3/8 alloy steel; A2 and A4 stainless steel as well. All these models comply with industry standards.

To facilitate more, the dog point set screws are enabled with high precision machining process. Through this feature, a general tolerance level of ±0.13  mm is conveniently achieved. This kind of high level of accuracy makes these set screws suitable for high precision applications. These types of rivets are also available in other finishes, various other thread sizes and are flexible enough to be modified to suit the customers’requirement.


  • Dimensions: ASME B18.3
  • Material &Mechanical Properties: ASTM F912.
  • Diameter:  3/16 ,1/4, 5/16,  3/8
  • Thread requirements: ASME B1.1, Class 3A, UNC and UNF.
  • Finish: Black Oxide (Thermal or Chemical)

#Half dog point screws – Like full dog point set screws, these rivets also feature a flat tip, protruding out from one end. This flat tip is typically located within a shaft groove on the fastener and it helps in the rotation of the shaft, whilst still retaining compression and holding both objects in place. These metal pieces are mostly used for permanent rotating part settings.

These screws are developed from high grade alloy and stainless steel, sourced from trusted vendors. Stores like Mutual Screw offer these screws in various finishes and dimensions, so as to suit every individual’s requirements in different applications. These set screw are used in various oil & petrochemical plants, especially because of their special non-electrolyte plating like geometer and dacromet features.


  • Standard: DIN 564
  • Diameter: M6-M36
  • Length: 10 mm – 250 mm
  • Material: Alloy, stainless steel
  • Finish: Zinc trivalent, hexavalent, zinc flake, hdg, blackening

Both the full dog point set screws and half dog point screws are equipped with an extended tip that fits into a hole drilled in a shaft. This feature is used in permanent location while attaching one part to another. Sometimes, these tips are even replaced with dowel pins. Both of these set screws are also used as adjusting screws and are ideal for thin wall and soft plugs. These are specially designed for frequent resetting and relocating purposes.

#Cup point set screw – It is another most commonly used type of set screw. It features a cup-shaped dent on one end and is mostly used for temporary assembly or quick projects. The cup point feature is the major highlight of such kind of set screw, as its round surface offers excellent resistance and a strong grip.

This set screw is designed by dexterous engineers, who assure that these fastening products are developed in strict compliance with the industry standards and norms. Moreover, these products are widely popular in the market because of their corrosion resistant characteristic, dimensional accuracy and longer service life.


  • Standard ISO 4029, DIN 916, BS.4168, 818.3.6, WB18.3, JIS 811.77
  • Diameter: M4 to M24, 3116″ to 1″
  • Length: 5 mm to 60 mm, 3/16″ to 2 ½”
  • Material: Alloy, stainless steel
  • Finish: Thermal black only
#Flat point set screw – This screw features a flat surface on one end and is the simplest and least expensive of all the types of set screws. A flat point of set screw is appropriate in situation where the set screw is required to press completely flat against a surface, so as to create compression.
This kind of fastener is excellent for projects, which demand frequent relocation rather than than permanent positioning.

Security Screws: Ensuring Safety to the Manufacturers

The facility of a fastening, made possible with security screws has now become a key business over the past few decades. The need for such kind of security fastening tool has now become quite essential for varied reasons. While some of them feature more functionality, others are available in a completely new range of fastening categories.

Security Screws

The major reason for security was looked for in a piece of metal, so that a manufacturer was able to store the integrity of his machine by ignoring unauthorized access. This was particularly useful for restoring all sorts of repair works, thereby enabling the manufacturer to resolve at cost-effective prices. This particular metal piece is specially designed to maintain the confidentiality of the design of the equipment, which is virtually impossible today.

The bolts, nuts and of course the screws are the basic hardware supplies, which are used in every hardware industry, who require fasteners. Right from manufacturing to construction and furniture crafting, every industrial operation uses these seemingly tiny but relatively significant tools just to fix everything in place.

The security screws are mostly used to mechanically fasten two objects with one other. A fastener is mechanical equipment that keeps two or even more objects in definite positions. The standard Flat 100 °Head machine screws is now in demand these days. They have come to the fore and enable a great deal of security and ensure that they are not undone by any layman. One of these common types features two small holes, inserted into the head of the screw on either side of the center, which requires a specially designed screwdriver to unscrew it. These wrenches are not available in general stores; therefore those fasteners are also reasonably secured.

There are so many manufacturing companies out there, but the Mutual Screw & Supply is always hard to beat, when it comes to quality and pricing. You can check-out their website and surprised to see such an enormous variety.

U Bolt: Installation and Usage

An U Bolt is commonly a type of fastener used in business construction to append any threaded rod or bolt accessory to concrete. After installing it, you will now be left with female threads in the binding material, featuring either threaded rod or bolts.

U Bolt

These pieces are available in various sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 5/8″ diameters with 3/8″ being the most common. This above mentioned anchor is mostly used in poured gluing applications excluding the ankle deep version of the fastener.

There are various types of drop-in anchors available in the market. The most common type features a lip, so as to enable the grapnel flush with the surface; another type is the lip less, which is used for setting below the surface and there’s also a shallow form, which is used in pre-cast plank and post tension binding material. The last but not the least type is the coil thread type.

However, among all these types, the most frequently used fastener is the lipped type U Bolt and one of the biggest manufacturing and selling brands is the Mutual Screw & Supply.

Here’s a short preface on the shallow type. Many a times, we look out for pre-cast and post tension binding material for good reasons. If we accidentally hit a post tension cord while drilling, chances are there we can lurch the cord thereby causing injury or even worse. So these fasteners are created to penetrate at 3/4th of an inch. In addition to, for further safety you can even go for stop bit, which features a shoulder on the bit to ensure proper drilling without causing any damage.

How to install an U Bolt?

The installation procedure is quite simple for this particular fastener. All you need is to penetrate a basic 3/8″ version in poured binding material and for this, you’ll have to drill a 1/2″ hole to the proper depth. The hole’s size will vary depending upon the anchor’s diameter. Use required pressurized air to clean the hole; you can even go for a blow bulb to clean it. Now install the anchor with the help of a correct tool. Please keep a note that a correct set tool is relevant. Now pound on the tool till you hit the shoulder on the tool, where you’ll hear a solid thud sound when the whole thing is set.

Ikea Screws: One of the Popular Hardware Products of Ikea

Although Ikea Screws are quite popular in the hardware industry, the company is not a full-fledged fastener manufacturing company. Instead, it focuses mostly in home décor and furnishing items.

Ikea Screw-kit

Recently news was doing round the corner that this company is planning to spread its wings, so much so that it can build an entire mini town. The company is planning to set-up its ‘Ikeaville’ in Hamburg over a sprawling 150,000 sq. ft. of area to establish homes, shops, restaurants, offices and much more.

The fasteners may be humdrum products for this company, but their market positions are quite strong and have become a household name. Because of their variety and superior quality, these rivets are counted among the most popular screws available in the market under the name of their manufacturers.

Ikea screws

Not only the Ikea screws are used extensively in hardware industries and furniture world, but these are highly searched for domestic purposes also. For instance, somebody trying to organize the garage cabinets will surely look for such fasteners. Since cabinets always help us go for more and better storage options, so these containers are always necessary to keep the garage organized and neat.

Choice is vast; you may go for a wooden type, metal or resin type. The screws are also available in various patterns to subtly fit with any kind of cabinet you choose.

Sometimes, you would be just trying to install a kitchen cabinet or a mirror in your bathroom. For all such installations, you will always require a screw to hold them against walls. These supplies are now readily available online.

The Ikea screws are available in all the leading web stores, dealing with fasteners and other hardware supplies. Online is always the best way to fetch such items, as you cannot only get them at the best buys, but also you can also take the help of experts to understand which design best suits your requirement.

Brass Socket: Most Commonly Used Cap Head Screws

Even for common mass, jargons like wrenches, hammers, bolts and brass socket are no more different. Gone are the days, when people used to only know them by their names. Today, with the advent of various cutting-edge amenities, people have become smarter and confident in volunteering for any task. Earlier, we used to rely upon any professional mechanic or craftsman to get our household jobs done. These days, with everything getting expensive, people have become more cautious in spending their every single penny.

With recent advancements in technology, a significant number of industries are now producing user-friendly appliances and the hardware industries is not left behind. These days, the market is flooded with various types of tools and fasteners, suitable for every task and even for a beginner’s hand.

Like in the case of the socket head cap screw, which is widely available online and also can be even used by a common man, who may or may not have adequate industrial knowledge. Instead of spending money on professionals, people are now seen taking such jobs in their hands. The petty household tasks can be fixed by us, provided we have proper amenities and little training. With online shopping, fetching any item has become handy, plus we can also rely upon any training video or manual to learn about its functionality.

The brass socket is a type of head cap screw, which features a hexagonal raised drive and is specially designed to measure the certain amount of tensile stress of any object, which can withstand any kind of wear and tear. It is made up a stronger alloy component of steel as compared to regular screws. But these fasteners vary the composition, as they are available in various grades in various companies. These are usually fastened by using a slot wrench and feature various types of heads.

While some feature cylindrical head, others feature a button or flat head. The flat head types are specially designed to fi into the countersunk holes. These cap screws are most commonly used among all other fasteners in industrial sectors, because of their economical, durable and safety features.

How Ledgerlok Screws are Better than Lag Screws

Ledgerlok screw is the first wooden screw, specially designed to attach a deck ledger board to the rim stud of a house and not to mention, it requires no pre-drilling like normal lag screws.

Ledgerlock screws

This structural screw is easy to install, as it is coated with a three-step coating process which prevents corrosion. The screw is furthermore, capable of preventing corrosion even in pressure treated wood and it is ACQ approved.

To facilitate more, the fastener is enabled with a built-in washer head, which eliminates the necessity for an additional washer. Such kind of advanced fastener is indeed time as well as money saving investment. The screw’s huge hex-head enables for greater bit engagement, hence reducing cam-out.

Shape Description of Ledgerlock screw

Soon after the launch of this code-approved deck ledger board fastener, it became a huge hit specially over lag screws and through-bolts.

Installation Procedure

The ledgerlok screws should be installed by using a high level torque and drill bit of 1/2″ variable speed (at least 18V if cordless).The user needs to carefully choose the length of such fasteners, so as to completely engage the threads on the main part i.e. rim joist. Now washer flush should be brought to side member, but make sure not to countersink it.

Lateral design values chart

Note: In some ledger board tasks, LedgerLok may not be a one-to-one replacement for 1/2″ lag screw patterns.

For proper fastening methods and complete installation procedure in attaching the deck ledger to rim joist, you can go through this elaborate video.


If your task involves non-ledger applications then you may need help of a design professional for use of these fasteners. The professional can help you design all connections accordingly, including the location and number of fasteners as per the code standards.

Below is an attached video, which tells us how the ledgerlok screw is better than lag screws and how it’s time consuming and economical as well. Have a look!

How ledgerlok screws are better than lag screws

#These fasteners are faster, durable and easy-to-be-installed than 1/2″ lag screws

#They require no pre-drilling unlike lag screws

#These rivets feature stronger design shear values

Design values chart of Hex head Lag screws

#They are IBC/IRC code compliant

#They feature built-in washer head unlike lag screws, which require additional washer

Ledgerlock screws inbuilt washer

#They are enabled with 3-step coating, thereby preventing corrosion; whereas lag screws are susceptible to corrosion

#The kit comes with a free 5/16″ drill bit

Roof Screws: Ideal for Securing Metal Roofing

The roof screws are normally three-inch self-tapping fasteners, which are most commonly used to fasten metal roofing. Their uniqueness lies in their one-inch long protruding tail, which have been specially designed for roofing task and are sufficient enough to secure the first edges of metal roofing sections.

roof screw

If in case, you are thinking of installing a metal roof over the top of an already constructed asphalt roof then you need to secure the first edges of each of the roof’s sections with 3-inch roofing fasteners.

These are mostly self-tapping lags, which are used to simplify the metal roofing task; which does not feature pre-drilled holes. Besides, these are quite faster and easier to secure, thereby lessening the risk of any injury, as it is the case with snapped ones.

These are basically used for sealing metal vaulting, as it does not feature any kind of support that would help seal the holes around the screws, as it is in the case of asphalt ceiling materials, which secure the holes around the vaulting nails. These particular fasteners are available in two types in the market. The first one features a sealer metal cap, which is fastened directly on the surface by the screw itself. The second one features either plastic or rubber washers, which are integrated into their bodies, which help secure holes automatically in the vaulting as they are tightened.

You can also go for vaulting screw gun alternatives. The metal ceiling cannot be installed manually, as the fasteners need to be installed within a gap of at least a gap of two feet. And by driving such a huge number of fasteners manually can be quite exhaustive, so it’s better to use screw guns. All you need is to switch over to new batteries at hourly gaps. These are usually rechargeable and so they do require charging on regular intervals. Around 4 batteries will be required for an 8 hour shift.

However, be warned that the roof screws, which are driven too deeply into the vault can damage the roof or can have their heads snapped off, thereby becoming quite impossible to remove.