How Ledgerlok Screws are Better than Lag Screws

Ledgerlok screw is the first wooden screw, specially designed to attach a deck ledger board to the rim stud of a house and not to mention, it requires no pre-drilling like normal lag screws.

Ledgerlock screws

This structural screw is easy to install, as it is coated with a three-step coating process which prevents corrosion. The screw is furthermore, capable of preventing corrosion even in pressure treated wood and it is ACQ approved.

To facilitate more, the fastener is enabled with a built-in washer head, which eliminates the necessity for an additional washer. Such kind of advanced fastener is indeed time as well as money saving investment. The screw’s huge hex-head enables for greater bit engagement, hence reducing cam-out.

Shape Description of Ledgerlock screw

Soon after the launch of this code-approved deck ledger board fastener, it became a huge hit specially over lag screws and through-bolts.

Installation Procedure

The ledgerlok screws should be installed by using a high level torque and drill bit of 1/2″ variable speed (at least 18V if cordless).The user needs to carefully choose the length of such fasteners, so as to completely engage the threads on the main part i.e. rim joist. Now washer flush should be brought to side member, but make sure not to countersink it.

Lateral design values chart

Note: In some ledger board tasks, LedgerLok may not be a one-to-one replacement for 1/2″ lag screw patterns.

For proper fastening methods and complete installation procedure in attaching the deck ledger to rim joist, you can go through this elaborate video.


If your task involves non-ledger applications then you may need help of a design professional for use of these fasteners. The professional can help you design all connections accordingly, including the location and number of fasteners as per the code standards.

Below is an attached video, which tells us how the ledgerlok screw is better than lag screws and how it’s time consuming and economical as well. Have a look!

How ledgerlok screws are better than lag screws

#These fasteners are faster, durable and easy-to-be-installed than 1/2″ lag screws

#They require no pre-drilling unlike lag screws

#These rivets feature stronger design shear values

Design values chart of Hex head Lag screws

#They are IBC/IRC code compliant

#They feature built-in washer head unlike lag screws, which require additional washer

Ledgerlock screws inbuilt washer

#They are enabled with 3-step coating, thereby preventing corrosion; whereas lag screws are susceptible to corrosion

#The kit comes with a free 5/16″ drill bit