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U Bolt: Installation and Usage

An U Bolt is commonly a type of fastener used in business construction to append any threaded rod or bolt accessory to concrete. After installing it, you will now be left with female threads in the binding material, featuring either threaded rod or bolts.

U Bolt

These pieces are available in various sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 5/8″ diameters with 3/8″ being the most common. This above mentioned anchor is mostly used in poured gluing applications excluding the ankle deep version of the fastener.

There are various types of drop-in anchors available in the market. The most common type features a lip, so as to enable the grapnel flush with the surface; another type is the lip less, which is used for setting below the surface and there’s also a shallow form, which is used in pre-cast plank and post tension binding material. The last but not the least type is the coil thread type.

However, among all these types, the most frequently used fastener is the lipped type U Bolt and one of the biggest manufacturing and selling brands is the Mutual Screw & Supply.

Here’s a short preface on the shallow type. Many a times, we look out for pre-cast and post tension binding material for good reasons. If we accidentally hit a post tension cord while drilling, chances are there we can lurch the cord thereby causing injury or even worse. So these fasteners are created to penetrate at 3/4th of an inch. In addition to, for further safety you can even go for stop bit, which features a shoulder on the bit to ensure proper drilling without causing any damage.

How to install an U Bolt?

The installation procedure is quite simple for this particular fastener. All you need is to penetrate a basic 3/8″ version in poured binding material and for this, you’ll have to drill a 1/2″ hole to the proper depth. The hole’s size will vary depending upon the anchor’s diameter. Use required pressurized air to clean the hole; you can even go for a blow bulb to clean it. Now install the anchor with the help of a correct tool. Please keep a note that a correct set tool is relevant. Now pound on the tool till you hit the shoulder on the tool, where you’ll hear a solid thud sound when the whole thing is set.

An Insight into Our Galvanized U Bolts

As the name suggests, U bolt looks like the letter U, featuring two threaded arms suspending from a curved base. It is available in numerous sizes and features various applications and uses.

The galvanized U bolts undergo a chemical process to protect themselves from corroding and rusting. Such fasteners get coated in layers with ZnO (Zinc Oxide). This kind of coating prevents these metal pieces from getting corroded. Besides, the coating renders a longer life to the rivets, durability to withstand wear & tear and a glossy finish, thereby making them attractive.

In simple words, galvanized U bolt is a rod, being threaded at both ends and bent to form a ‘U’ shape. These types of bolts are usually found with a smooth curve, specially designed to accommodate a cylinder; for instance, the axle or exhaust tubing.


There are certain U bolts featuring a squared off shape, are specially manufactured to fasten flat bases such as wooden blocks, square tubing or any other kind of flat layers. Sometimes, the ends of the bolts feature a bar/crossed member drilled with holes, which slide over the open ends to enclose them.

Sometimes, the ends of the bolts feature a bar/crossed member drilled with holes, which slide over the open ends to enclose them.

Keeping a few pieces of galvanized U bolts around the house can be useful for home owners who are planning to go for home renovation projects, as these coated rivets are versatile enough to match various applications and also helpful in surprise settings.

At Mutual Screw and Supply, we offer both hot dipped galvanized U bolts as well as stainless steel U bolts, to satisfy varied industry requirements. Click here to know more.

These types of bolts are designed to meet an extensive range of applications, including domestic, commercial, construction, marine, off-shore, automobiles and various other industry requirements. We offer these metal pieces in various configurations, materials and gages so as to meet those above mentioned requirements.


Like in automobiles, our hot dipped galvanized U bolts are used in numerous applications. For instance, they are used to attach springs to the rear axles and front of the heavy-duty trucks, off-road trucks and cars. These fasteners are used to attach truck parts to the frames and are used in ringing applications and anything which requires a clamping force between two pieces.

These fasteners are used to attach truck parts to the frames and are used in ringing applications and anything which requires a clamping force between two pieces.

The U-shape of these rivets help them keep firmly in desired position, thereby preventing the object to easily get pulled away from its fittings. This further leads to inducing durability and safety.

Apart from stainless steel and galvanized pieces, we also deal with steel zinc plated, aluminum, black oxide, plain finish etc.


The threaded ends of the galvanized U bolts are designed to get along with screws and washers. Some people are also seen using a cross-piece, spanning both the ends so as to make the fastener secure in particular settings and applications.

Like other bolts, these pieces are also manufactured to get into any pre-drilled or pilot holes. The U bolts are most commonly used in fastening various pieces to beams and poles, mostly in houses. These pieces help in suspending any object from the utility pole. In such cases, the U bolts are used along-with cross-pieces which snag the bolt in place.


Besides our bolts are also used to pass cables across the walls. While both the ends are inserted into the walls, the U face holds the cables or any other flat materials against the wall.

However, depending upon the type of application, the size and grade of the bolt should be chosen, in order to eliminate any work-arounds later. And if you are willing to use them in corrosive or humid environment then our hot dipped galvanized U bolts work best for you.