Eye bolts & Eye Screws: Prerequisite For Renovation of Your House

Renovating your house is always exciting and if you take the initiative then nothing can be more exciting than this. Plus, it’s always move, as you would always be saving a lot of money on mechanics and all. The DIY (do-it-yourself) project is always a smart choice, provided you know the basic technicalities involved in your renovation process. After coming up with a blueprint, the next thing is to gather necessary building materials, such as eye bolts & eye screws.

You should first of all know what your basic building material requirements before initiating the renovation task. There are certain tools and hardware supplies, which help you make your ask easier and faster. Those devices are specially designed to enable an anchor into steel deck, brick, concrete, stone, wallboard and wooden panels.

Below are some of the fasteners you should know about:

Eye bolts & eye screws

An eye bolt looks like a lollipop. While one end of the bolt looks like the threaded end of a screw, the other end is round in shape. The threaded ends are part of the bolts, featuring slanted ridges. These metal pieces are used to fix cables, wires, strings or chains to any surface or objects. For instance, they can be fixed into the ceiling to support plumbing pipes. Besides, these are also used to support wall hangings, light fixtures and other decorative items.

Usually there are two types of eye bolts: welded and forged. A welded one has got closed ‘eye’, fixed to the base, while the forged one has got an ‘eye’ that forms a semi-closed loop.


This kind of fastener is a round pin used to fix two objects with each other. It is mainly used to manufacture curtain rods or racks. It is available in various sizes and designs. However, the wooden ones are the most commonly used fasteners, as these are used in wooden pieces to strengthen the joints.

Depending upon your requirement, you can select from a wide range of available fasteners.