Various Types of Cap Screws

Cap screws are available in slotted flat head, hex head, high round socket head and low round socket head types. These are also available in various grades, including 5 & 8, zinc plated and fine threaded patterns.

They are also available in regular steel as well as in stainless steel, thereby giving the users an ample amount of choice. They can go for a particular pattern and design, which best suits their jobs and requirements. As these fasteners are available in various designs, you will also require specific kind of drivers to fasten and loosen them, such as slotted, hex, Phillips and hex key socket drives.

We even offer other related accessories, including screw nuts, washers, lock nuts and lock washers. Apart from all these, we even offer items on almost all kinds of fasteners, ranging from deck screws, anchor bolts, dowel pins, elevator bolts, flange bolts, blind rivets and much more in the list. All you need is to keep on browsing our extensive range of products to understand the vastness of our offerings. However you can simply type in the product item in the search box, which would then lead you directly to the landing page.

You can settle down on any particular item, which is best suitable for your job. The industrial fasteners are available with either coarse or fine threads. The materials include iron, steel and stainless steel and finishes mat be galvanized, zinc plated, zinc or black phosphate, determining the material of each rivet.

These types of metal pieces are usually ordered in bulk amounts from our store and our potential clients usually belong to various manufacturing sectors. These fasteners are available in various sizes, ranging from 6.35 till 76.20 mm in diameter. These type rivets are quite similar to hex bolts.

In certain countries, these are also referred as bolts, but as per the US Govt. document; Distinguishing Bolts from Screws, these fasteners have been classified under the screws category, mainly because of their higher tolerance capacity.

However, the term cap screws are referred to various things at various times and places. In US, these are mostly defined by ASME B18.6.2 and ASME B18.3. Earlier, these metal pieces were used in places, where nuts could not be applied. Today, they are used on much wider scale, as they feature advanced properties thereby broadening their usability.