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The Mutual Screw Mantra


Mutual Screw holds hundreds of industries together
year after year through fair and foul weather.
Started in Manhattan in 1947,
eight decades later we’re a national hardware heaven!

Full service delivery right to the door
of your lumberyard, job site or hardware store.
A distributor and supplier of all major brands,
our products are made in America, not in Japan.

No complicated accounting or billing,
we’ll take care of it all if you’re willing
to stop buying from every supplier under the sun
because when it comes to hardware, you only need one.

We’re much more than screws, bolts and drill bits,
anchors, fasteners and ravishing rivets
stocked in stainless steel, bronze and brass,
the best of the present, future and past –

we also carry abrasives, brushes and dies,
we’re true one stop shopping for painting supplies.
In terms of metal masonry,
none compete with our deals
on filing, grinding and sharpening stones,
sanding belts and buffing wheels.

If you’re looking for lubricants for automotive parts,
Mutual Screw is the place to start.
From air conditioning accessories to diagnostic devices,
we stock so much, no one can compete with our prices!

We’ve got janitor carts for buckets and mops,
cleaners and disinfectants with spray bottle tops,
hand towel dispensers, buckets and brooms,
trash bags and trash cans for every room.
Our products are green, so they don’t hurt the earth,
protecting the environment improves everyone’s net worth.

Whenever handling hazardous equipment,
you need gloves that are chemical-and-cut-resistant.
Our gloves are made of neoprene, Kevlar and leather,
they’re even insulated for cold winter weather.
We’ve got gloves for welding, gloves for chores,
terry cloth electric liners and much much more.

Your personal safety is our utmost concern,
which is why we have kits for emergencies like burns,
and hard hats, safety signs, contaminant detectors,
dust masks, safety mats, hearing and eye protectors.

Mutual Screw has got more than you might think:
tools for tubs, faucets and sinks,
circular saw blades, concave milling cutters,
reamers and router bits like no other.

We’ve just scratched the surface of our inventory;
on our website, you can view its entire glory.
We aim for excellence at everything we do
to please our customers old and new
because whenever you choose Mutual Screw,
it’s beneficial to us and beneficial to you.

We fix up everything except for broken hearts!

It sounds bit weird when you come across a statement like this – “We fix up everything except for broken hearts!” Well this is exactly what Mutual Screw and Supply does. A leading hardware supply brand in the global market, this company opened its doors in 1947. It became a huge success soon after its establishment.

Initially, the company had concentrated only on the dinette and furniture industry and targeted only the New York City market. But gradually the company spread its wings to hardware supplies as well and today it is one of the leading brands not only in the US market, but also in the online industry. Let me tell you, the web store is a small world of tools and equipment, where you can easily get lost. The website is replete with tools and fasteners, plus the variety and models are abundant over here.

With the advent of the online shopping facility, people are now clinging towards web to purchase every possible item. It not only saves time and money, but also gives them an exposure to a diverse range of models and brands of the product they’re looking for. With the availability of numerous online stores for a single product, we get the chance to bump into various websites for some variance. But when it comes to Mutual Screw and Supply, I don’t think you need to visit any other store. Not only the categories, but the store features ‘n” number of products for sale.

I had never before seen such a wide variety in screws. You’ll be amazed to find a wide range of machine screws, which are ideal for varied purposes. These blunt-ended materials can easily fit into tapped holes with a matching nut. Besides, there are various other categories as well, featuring different functionality. If you’re looking for some hardware related materials then this is a one stop shop definitely for you. The shipping charges are minimal and the products are also cost-effective. This leading brand comes up with new line of products and models on frequent basis. This is a great destination for shop owners looking for bulk purchasing.

Mutual Screw & Supply Tells Customers: The Shipping is Free on US Shipping on Orders Over $1,500 Through February

February is a great month to stock up at Mutual Screw & Supply, as the company offers free ground shipping on orders of $1,500 or more. Every product in Mutual’s vast warehouse of 75,000 types of fasteners, drill bits, reamers and more is included in the promotion.

Mutualscrews free Shipping offer

“We are always looking for ways to make doing business with Mutual more compelling,” said Mark Warner, president of Mutual Screw & Supply. “Free shipping in February is one way we can help alleviate the winter blues and related business slowdowns that can affect some of our customers.”

Mutual’s free shipping offer is valid only for orders made online and shipped to the 48 contiguous states. The free-shipping offer may not be combined with any other promotion. Each qualifying order will be shipped via UPS Ground.

Mutualscrews Drill bits and cutting tools

To capture the savings, merely visit our site and place an order of $1,500 or more on anything, including items that may be on back order. The total must be exclusive of tax and interim shipping charges. Those ground-freight shipping charges will be automatically deducted during checkout.

Restrictions are few; this offer does require no COD shipments or special circumstances that would fall under “other freight services,” such as expedited same day delivery, air freight, freight collect, export orders, hazardous materials, customer’s carrier or any other special handling by the carrier. Those add-on charges must be handled by the customer.

“This online promotion comes at a time when many of our customers have analyzed their year-end inventories and are planning for the busy construction season ahead,” said Warner. “It’s a great time to stock up.”

Order Up: Shipping is Free with Mutual Screw & Supply. Free Shipping on Online Orders Over $1,000 Through June

ROCHELLE PARK, N.J., June 3, 2013 – Customers who spend at least $1,000 at Mutual Screw & Supply during the month of June will have their shipping fees waived as Mutual picks up the tab.

From its world-class selection of fasteners to hand tools, bridge reamers, safety products and more, anything you order from Mutual’s extensive warehouse of 100,000 different products ships free.

Construction tends to pick up in the spring and summer, and all of us at Mutual are doing what we can to make this busy season a success for customers,” said Mark Warner, president of Mutual Screw & Supply. “By broadening our stock beyond fasteners, keeping prices highly competitive and offering incentives like free shipping, our goal is simple…to help builders build.”

To take Mutual up on its offer, shop at  and place an order of $1,000 or more, before tax or interim shipping charges. All freight shipping charges will be automatically deducted at check out.

Mutual’s free-shipping offer is valid only for online orders that ship to the 48 contiguous states. Orders will be shipped via UPS Ground. No COD shipments or orders that require special handling, including export orders, hazardous shipments, customer’s carrier, expedited same day delivery or air freight. This offer may not be combined with any other promotion.

Consider the free-shipping offer an invitation to visit,” said Warner. “We are constantly updating the site, adding new products and even entire new product categories for our customers, so it’s worth a visit. If we don’t have what you need, we’ll do our best to source it or custom-manufacture ourselves.”

For more information about Mutual Screw & Supply and the free shipping special, please contact Bill Berit at 800-222-0324 (201-845-5700
outside the US) or

Mutual Screw Announces 5% Off on All its Items Till the Year End

We are quite amused to announce that we are now offering a 5% off on our items and this offer is valid till the year end i.e. 31st Dec’ 2012. Although the East Coast has been hugely devastated due to Hurricane Sandy and the construction industry has received a major blow, still we have had a blissful year. And we strongly believe the credit goes to our esteemed customers. We have therefore come up with a noble way of offering our sincere gratitude to our clients through our Promo Code “2012”.

We, at Mutual Screw and Supply, have always worked towards enhancing our services, so as to render maximum benefits to our customers. Being in the hardware supply industry for over 65 odd years, we have grown with our enterprise and have now become a leading brand in the global market as well. And it has been made possible through the loyalty and support; we have been getting from our clientele.

Till the year end, our customers can avail this offer, by simply using the promotional code, 2012. We are always grateful for believing in us and forging upon us the trust, which is indeed essential behind every business. Through this discount, we are just trying to convey our message to each of our customer, about how grateful we are for keeping us indulged in their services.

Today the online market is flooded with numerous web stores, dealing with hardware supplies and with the increasing usage of online shopping medium, the competition has grown to a much higher level. Instead of keeping our heads high in the industry, we rather believe in providing quality service, which has always been the secret recipe behind our success.

This is also true that this year is ending on a bit tough note with the aftermath of natural calamities, but we are always functional and are already active in support task by putting in refurbishing efforts. While the already devastated properties are confident with a dramatic make over by early next year, we have also laid out a brand scheme, where we’ll be unveiling an array of new products with advanced features in 2013.

We look forward to the opportunities 2013 would impart on our profession and industry. But right now, we are quite confident our discount offer, under the promo code 2012, would surely be beneficial to our customers and service partners.