Mutual Screw Announces 5% Off on All its Items Till the Year End

We are quite amused to announce that we are now offering a 5% off on our items and this offer is valid till the year end i.e. 31st Dec’ 2012. Although the East Coast has been hugely devastated due to Hurricane Sandy and the construction industry has received a major blow, still we have had a blissful year. And we strongly believe the credit goes to our esteemed customers. We have therefore come up with a noble way of offering our sincere gratitude to our clients through our Promo Code “2012”.

We, at Mutual Screw and Supply, have always worked towards enhancing our services, so as to render maximum benefits to our customers. Being in the hardware supply industry for over 65 odd years, we have grown with our enterprise and have now become a leading brand in the global market as well. And it has been made possible through the loyalty and support; we have been getting from our clientele.

Till the year end, our customers can avail this offer, by simply using the promotional code, 2012. We are always grateful for believing in us and forging upon us the trust, which is indeed essential behind every business. Through this discount, we are just trying to convey our message to each of our customer, about how grateful we are for keeping us indulged in their services.

Today the online market is flooded with numerous web stores, dealing with hardware supplies and with the increasing usage of online shopping medium, the competition has grown to a much higher level. Instead of keeping our heads high in the industry, we rather believe in providing quality service, which has always been the secret recipe behind our success.

This is also true that this year is ending on a bit tough note with the aftermath of natural calamities, but we are always functional and are already active in support task by putting in refurbishing efforts. While the already devastated properties are confident with a dramatic make over by early next year, we have also laid out a brand scheme, where we’ll be unveiling an array of new products with advanced features in 2013.

We look forward to the opportunities 2013 would impart on our profession and industry. But right now, we are quite confident our discount offer, under the promo code 2012, would surely be beneficial to our customers and service partners.