Zip-it Anchors and Hollow Walls Make a Great Team

If you need to hang any item on a hollow or thin wall, a traditional nail or screw may be ineffective. Hollow surfaces aren’t very sturdy, especially if there aren’t studs for the fasteners to grip onto. On a weak wall or ceiling, standard nails and screws can pull away easily. To avoid this problem, it’s best to use a zip-it anchor. Zip-it anchors have threads, so they twist easily into a thin surface. Once the anchor is screwed in, it spreads open so that it cannot be pulled out. You can use these fasteners on wallboard and drywall, and they’re ideal for medium to light loads. Picture frames, paintings, curtain rods, small mirrors and utility organizers are all perfect candidates for threaded anchors. A zip-it anchor is self-drilling, which means you don’t have to drill any holes prior to installation. You can purchase the anchors in nylon or alloy materials, and you’ll find selections for working with various screws. If you have many objects to hang, you may benefit from buying both standard and mini anchors and a kit that includes the screws and driver bits. Metal zip-it anchors are typically more durable than nylon, but both are beneficial. Each style is easy to install, and the prices are comparable. No matter which one you choose, this type of anchor shouldn’t be used for heavier applications. Although the body expands once it’s screwed into the surface, it doesn’t provide the heavy-duty strength of some other options.When you screw in an anchor, the spiked end or cutting blades will start the hole. In order to make things easier, you can also punch your own hole with an awl or any pointed tool. Once you’re ready for the installation, use a screwdriver or drill to twist the screw and anchor, or the anchor alone, until the rounded end is flush with the surface. The anchor will spread and bite the inside of the drywall or wallboard.If you use the wrong fastener, the size of the hole can eventually increase, the surface material can become damaged and the nail or screw can slip out. This is a chance you don’t have to take. Anything worth displaying on your walls is worth hanging properly. Installing a zip-it anchor is easy, quick and convenient, and it can safeguard your precious décor and fixtures.