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The Mutual Screw Mantra


Mutual Screw holds hundreds of industries together
year after year through fair and foul weather.
Started in Manhattan in 1947,
eight decades later we’re a national hardware heaven!

Full service delivery right to the door
of your lumberyard, job site or hardware store.
A distributor and supplier of all major brands,
our products are made in America, not in Japan.

No complicated accounting or billing,
we’ll take care of it all if you’re willing
to stop buying from every supplier under the sun
because when it comes to hardware, you only need one.

We’re much more than screws, bolts and drill bits,
anchors, fasteners and ravishing rivets
stocked in stainless steel, bronze and brass,
the best of the present, future and past –

we also carry abrasives, brushes and dies,
we’re true one stop shopping for painting supplies.
In terms of metal masonry,
none compete with our deals
on filing, grinding and sharpening stones,
sanding belts and buffing wheels.

If you’re looking for lubricants for automotive parts,
Mutual Screw is the place to start.
From air conditioning accessories to diagnostic devices,
we stock so much, no one can compete with our prices!

We’ve got janitor carts for buckets and mops,
cleaners and disinfectants with spray bottle tops,
hand towel dispensers, buckets and brooms,
trash bags and trash cans for every room.
Our products are green, so they don’t hurt the earth,
protecting the environment improves everyone’s net worth.

Whenever handling hazardous equipment,
you need gloves that are chemical-and-cut-resistant.
Our gloves are made of neoprene, Kevlar and leather,
they’re even insulated for cold winter weather.
We’ve got gloves for welding, gloves for chores,
terry cloth electric liners and much much more.

Your personal safety is our utmost concern,
which is why we have kits for emergencies like burns,
and hard hats, safety signs, contaminant detectors,
dust masks, safety mats, hearing and eye protectors.

Mutual Screw has got more than you might think:
tools for tubs, faucets and sinks,
circular saw blades, concave milling cutters,
reamers and router bits like no other.

We’ve just scratched the surface of our inventory;
on our website, you can view its entire glory.
We aim for excellence at everything we do
to please our customers old and new
because whenever you choose Mutual Screw,
it’s beneficial to us and beneficial to you.

Mutual Screw: A Pioneer in the World of Hardware Supplies

buildex chipboard screwsWhen it comes to buying affordable and trendy screws online, I’m pretty sure you’ll be bombarded with an array of web stores selling the supplies. While some sites would assure you to enable with the sturdiest types, others would try convincing you with their discounts and special offers.

There’s a company which stands out in the online hardware market and it’s Mutual Screw and Supply. It gives a tough competition to all its existing contenders and has been a pioneer in this field since ages. The company has been in the business of manufacturing and selling the best available machine screws since 50 years.

In the bygone days, people only knew two types of fasteners; slotted and Phillips. All they did was picked up a piece, picked a length and got their jobs done. With the limited offer in the store, the options were also narrowed down accordingly. But now with the advent of the online shopping facilities, the requirements and also the choices have broadened. The Mutual Screw’s web store too is laden with a wide range of products. And each product features unique characteristics and functionality.

In the days when a screwdriver was the only mode to insert this object into something, the Phillips was the king. But now, with the availability of advanced cordless drivers, the hardware industry has greatly developed, thereby making our lives simple and easy.

This company offers a huge variety on this particular product. Almost every kind of machine screws, ranging from deck, hex head cap, eye bolts and eye, threads rolling etc. are easily available here. I can bet there’s something for everyone in this website.

The online shopping has now become one of the most frequently used methods of purchasing. It gives us the advantage of going through various brands and models, plus we can even compare the prices of various companies. And with the minimal charge for free shipping, it becomes icing on your cake. Go online and fix up your life with Mutual Screw!