We fix up everything except for broken hearts!

It sounds bit weird when you come across a statement like this – “We fix up everything except for broken hearts!” Well this is exactly what¬†Mutual Screw and Supply does. A leading hardware supply brand in the global market, this company opened its doors in 1947. It became a huge success soon after its establishment.

Initially, the company had concentrated only on the dinette and furniture industry and targeted only the New York City market. But gradually the company spread its wings to hardware supplies as well and today it is one of the leading brands not only in the US market, but also in the online industry. Let me tell you, the web store is a small world of tools and equipment, where you can easily get lost. The website is replete with tools and fasteners, plus the variety and models are abundant over here.

With the advent of the online shopping facility, people are now clinging towards web to purchase every possible item. It not only saves time and money, but also gives them an exposure to a diverse range of models and brands of the product they’re looking for. With the availability of numerous online stores for a single product, we get the chance to bump into various websites for some variance. But when it comes to Mutual Screw and Supply, I don’t think you need to visit any other store. Not only the categories, but the store features ‘n” number of products for sale.

I had never before seen such a wide variety in screws. You’ll be amazed to find a wide range of machine screws, which are ideal for varied purposes. These blunt-ended materials can easily fit into tapped holes with a matching nut. Besides, there are various other categories as well, featuring different functionality. If you’re looking for some hardware related materials then this is a one stop shop definitely for you. The shipping charges are minimal and the products are also cost-effective. This leading brand comes up with new line of products and models on frequent basis. This is a great destination for shop owners looking for bulk purchasing.