Installing ITW Buildex Cement Board Screws

It is always necessary to use the exact type of fastener, say screws in certain conditions, so as to make sure that the installation procedure is executed effectively. And moreover, in the long run the correct usage of screw keeps it firmly fastened to the surface. You should always go for a company, say ITW Buildex, which has been in the hardware supply industry for over four decades, consistently working on enhancing its quality and services.

There are various types of screws available in the market, required for various kinds of jobs. The concrete screw is a very special type of fastener, specially designed to pierce its own threads into an already drilled hole on the surface made up of concrete, block, brick etc. The brand name Cement Board & Fiber Cement Board Screws is popular product, being sold over under this banner.

It was launched in early 80s and was highly popular because of its functionality even when there was less to no option for online branding. Such kind of screw can be easily installed and features enhanced pull-out shield and durable fixing values.

Cement Board & Fiber Cement Board Screws
In the concrete planting industry, the threads of such kinds of metal pieces are popularly called as “High-Low” screws. The threads of such screws enable quick dust removal during the installation process. Such strands also enable the fasteners to pierce in consistently, thereby giving high standard performance. The removal of dirt is relevant, as the dust present in the hole may interfere in the screwing process. Therefore, you should make sure that you’ve removed the dirt from the hole as well as from the thread.

Installing Cement Board ITW Buildex Screws

The installation procedure is quite simple. It can be done in three simple steps:

By using an accurate sized carbide capsized ashlar bit and a hammer drill, you can now drill a pilot hole of about 1/4th inches deep than the suggested anchor fastening

Now you need to clear the hole of the entire fragments

Now by using a standard drilling machine along-with an appropriate Phillips socket/hex, you can insert the metal screw into the already drilled hole until this fastener is completely pierced

You should be rather careful and should take care that you have not over-tightened the ITW Buildex screw, as this will cause the fastener to spin within the hole, thereby stripping the threads.