Brass Wood Screws: Preventing Cracks While Fastening Wooden Panels

Earlier when the concept of brass wood screws was not conceived, the cabinet makers used to manage with nails, glue and wooden peg, so as to fasten the wooden panels. Although the glue can fix the panels, it is not sturdy enough for a longish time period. A wooden peg is however better than the glue. You need to carve a hole for it and nails, on the other hand used to be the perfect option during those times. They keep the furniture pieces intact, but again they even feature some flaws, like there are chances of bearing a crack on the wooden surface.

Brass Wood Screws

The hardware industry came up with an advanced option to deal with such issues. The wooden fasteners have now become a favoured option as these do not mar the beauty of the furniture by making a crack on it. Such kind of fastener is quite popular these days because of its advanced features and ability to safely fasten the panel in place. The market is today flooded with several types of wooden screws and you may be confused in choosing the particular model, best suiting your requirement.

Basic factors to understand the brass wood screws:

1. Such screws feature two types of heads, which include the flathead or slotted type and the Phillips or cross head type. The Mutual Screw and Supply is a leading web store, dealing with such kind of hardware supplies. The latest additions in their product page include the square head Phillips and the simple square head type.

2. Such kind of wooden fasteners also feature various head shapes, such as the round head type, which features protruding top with broad bottoms. Another kind is the flat head type, which is ideal for installing hinges. The hinges can be sunk deep into the wooden surface with its help. The last but not the least is the oval head type, which is both rounded and flat type.

3. Such kinds of screws are usually made up of hard steel, which comprises of brass and stainless steel materials.

You can even go for coasted brass wood screws to prevent corrosion.