Snake Eye Screws: Ensuring Protection against Vandalism

The snake eye screws, which are also known as twin hole tamper resistant security screws or pig nose screws feature two small holes drilled into the head. You will require a special type of twin pin driver to both fasten and release the rivets. These fasteners are produced from A2 stainless steel and are ideal for both internal and external use.

Snake Eye Screws

These metal pieces are also available as Self Tappers and machine screws in Countersunk Head and Pan Head types and also as Pan Head or Raised Countersunk Head. All these fasteners are available in box quantities of 100. Normally, these spanner bits are available in various sizes, such as #4, #6, #8 and #10.

However, be warned that there are also metric snake eyes fasteners available in the market, where hole spacing does not match spanner and also these hole sizes are different. Such fasteners are highly recommended to be used where safety is strongly required. Such kinds of tiny metal pieces ensure protection and have made our homes and industries hassle-free and secured because of their tamper resistant characteristics. Because of their tamper-proof qualities, these are also known as vandalism resistant screws, as they ensure high security to the objects, which are prone to break-in or larceny.

Because of these special qualities, these are now most commonly used in industrial sectors. Primarily, these rivets flaunt atypical tops, which help restrict the users to easily loose them by simple screw drivers. Apart from the regular slots, the Phillips-head type drivers are also useless to unscrew them.

Snake Eye screws arguably feature the edge in terms of design. It is for such kind of aesthetic reason that such metal holders often get the vote. However, they do possess certain limitations, such as they have the lowest torque i.e. they cannot be fastened like other regular screws. And ironically, this particular feature makes them stand out.

As fast removing is extremely crucial in their cases, they have now become a favorite among the homeowners, as they reduce the possibility of vandalism to a greater extent. We, at Renovator’s Supply, do offer huge orders on daily basis. Not only home owners, but we get orders in bulk amount from various industries as well.

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