Sex Screws: Highly in Demand for Their Low Profile Knurling Features

sex screw, which is also known as barrel nut or barrel bolt and even Chicago screw at times, is a type of fastener that features a barrel shaped nozzle and a protruding boss, which is threaded internally (a boss is basically an extended feature on a work piece).

This protruding feature is placed within the components, which need to be fastened, while the rivet’s flange enables the bearing surface.

Chicago ScrewThe barrel nut and its accompanying machine screw enables flush on both sides of the surface, which are tightened. Such kinds of bolts are much in demand, most probably because of their low profile as compared to other bolts.

The Chicago screw usually possesses a built-in feature, like a slot, which helps in securing any fastener.

Sex screws are used in bolting applications, mostly in situation which demand to have a head on both sides of the joint. The sex bolt is enabled with a female thread, thereby enabling it to meet with the bottom of a standard bolt and connect.

There are some sex bolts, which are also known as architectural bolts and feature knurled cylindrical containers. Knurling is commonly a manufacturing terminology, used when a process is typically carried out on a lathe and a diamond shape pattern is cut into metal.

Such kind of rivets are also used in binding posts, which are quite similar to architectural bolts, because of their special designs, which are fashioned to be assembled from one side. in addition to, they have also got teeth on the flanged base, which are helpful in fastening.

Stainless steel sex boltsThese metal pieces were originally produced for the printing industry, so as to bind huge catalogs together. But now, with their multi-faceted features, they are also used in numerous other ways.

The stainless steel sex screws usually feature combo truss head, which are usually broad with a low profile rounded cap. These are a combination of rivets, which feature both slot as well as X shaped cells for use and can be easily used by a Phillips head or flat bladed screw driver.

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