Salient Features of Hammer Drive Screws

U-drive self-tapping screws, which are also known as hammer drive screws, are unslotted fasteners featuring round-shaped head and numerous start threads along-with a huge corkscrew-shaped angle and an unthreaded pilot point.

This particular fastener is hard-as-nails and is far more rigid than the pairing part and is to be either screwed or hammered into any substrate, say castings, plastics or sheet metals for a fastener diurnal assembly. Besides, this kind of rivet also requires a miniature pre-drilled hole to render maximum adhesion.

This special type of screw is available in zinc or black oxide coated steel material and also in stainless steel in sizes ranging from #00 – #8 and lengths between 1/8” and ¾”.

If you study online, you would get to know about the different technical as well as dimensional specifications of u-drive screws and also about the various pilot hole sizes. You can get a clear knowledge on fasteners, as there’s ample information present online.

Such types of fasteners are usually available as standard stock items and readily and available for immediate same day free shipping by most of the hardware supply chains such as Mutual Screw & Supply.

Although such companies sell their products on bulk amounts, they can even give out items on small quantities on request. You need to give them a call, so as to make your orders as per your requirement.

Main Features

  1. Multiple start threads along- with a huge corkscrew-shaped angle
  2. Unslotted round-shaped head
  3. Unthreaded pilot point
  4. Not designed to be removed soon after installation

Factors to consider while going for hammer drive screws

  1. Must be stronger than pairing part
  2. A pre-drilled pilot hole is required
  3. No tapping is required
  4. Ideal for permanent fastening
  5. Requires sufficient space for installation with a mallet or hammer