Particle Board Screws: Idea for Installing Soft Wooden Floors

Particle board is a composite wood, made up of a combination of wood chips, such as sawmill shavings, synthetic resin, any suitable binder, wooden chips and saw dust. It is also known as ‘clip board’ and is the engineered wood, as it is not naturally extracted from trees. For such kind of furniture, special kinds of fastener known as particle board screws are used.

Particle board screws

Considering various requirements, the hardware supply industry offers different types of screws. So, it’s always crucial to know what the exact type of screw, which best suits your requirement. As in the case of the clipboard – if you use any other screw then you may easily end up damaging the surface of the board. After considering the type, it is now required to know the exact size.

The adhesive present in the chipboard is usually a kind of resin that is adhered together with wooden chips to create boards of different density. Although chip board’s high density factor is quite strong, still it is known as ‘soft wood’ and is less permeable to moisture. This kind of artificial wood is lot cheaper than the natural furniture and this is the major reason for its popularity. While natural wood’s price is soaring high these days, you can easily fetch the engineered wood at quite cheaper rates, plus it has distinct advantages as compared to the normal one.

These days it is also used for flooring in kitchen and cabinets and it is easily deceived because of the coating of the melamine. And for the installation process, the particle board screws are definitely required. Such types of fasteners are thus heavily used in the interior works and are now most frequently bought on bulk amounts.

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