Only Your Thumb is Sufficient to Fasten the Thumb Screws

A thumb screw a kind of fastener, which features an over-sized head with a diamond-shaped or knurled anchor finish along-with large wing like blades, thereby enabling the screw to be used as per the requirement.

Thumb screw

Such kind of rivet is used in applications, where any object may need frequent re-installations, as it is in the case of the safety cover or in case of various electronic devices. In such cases, such kind of fastener makes it possible for you to easily remove it by just twisting it with your thumb and forefinger.

In most of the application, the thumb screw is used as a bolt. While a screw by nature is usually pointed in shape and is used to develop its own threads when inserted into sheet metal or wood, the thumb screw features a blunt-nosed bolt, which is tightened into any threaded hole. The basic advantage is that it renders easy installation and removal processes without any help of tools, as it is with the case of other screws.

A Thumb Screw Side View

The battery cover and other certain electronic devices use such kind of rivet. You would have often heard that the thumb screw is captured – it means that bolt of this rivet once loosened, it won’t fall out of the cover. This particular rivet uses a washer, which is set in place to sustain the metal piece in the cover. This is a handy hardware supply, thereby preventing the locking screw from getting lost.

It is available in various designs, which incorporate a Phillips or flat screwdriver into the fastener. This helps the rivet to be easily fastened by a wrench even and if not then it can be still tightened by finger. In heavy-duty applications, such as in boats and off-road vehicles, it is highly recommended because of its tendency to get loosened over time. In case of the fasteners, featuring knurled heads, it is possible to attach the screw with a pair of pilers, so as to ensure accurate torque implementation.