Glider Bearings: Essential for Building a Rocker Chair

Planning to construct a rocker? Then you’ll surely need some suitable glider bearings. This particular hardware kit is an essential necessity for building any type of glider, be it wooden, net or anything kind of material. If you’re planning to spend your winter vacation in any national park and your family is keen in camping then I highly suggest you to carry such type of kit.

Glider Bearings

With this help, you can easily hang a net bed between two trees or can easily carry your rocker chair to the woods. In order to build a rocker, you’ll have to make a hole of around 1-1/8 inches for the bearings to get easily fitted in. You should always use hardwoods. The nuts, bolts and washers should be of 3/8 inches. The screws must feature #6 square recess drives. In this way, you can build up a simple arrangement as used by the professional manufacturers.

Even if you’re not going into the woods, you may be thinking of implementing a net hanging bed in your courtyard. It will be quite expensive in calling down a professional carpenter for this simple job. Instead, you can volunteer to do fix this job. All you need is an appropriate place and required amenities. And with the availability of accurate glider bearings, you can hang your gliding bed on your own.

You can take the help of the Internet. These days, almost every other item, be it apparel, gift or any hardware supply can be easily fetched online. Such tiny essentials are also available online. The Mutual Screw and Supply is a leading web store, dealing with such kinds of metal round objects. You can browse through the site to find the product, best suiting your requirement. Besides, manufacturers of rocker chairs also rely upon this company and order items on bulk amounts. With the minimal shipping charge, you can easily avail your item in a cost-effective way.

The glider bearings are unique hangers, featuring ball bearings at both ends. They give your glider projects an ultra-smooth, back-and-forth action. These are made up of rust resistant steel and usually measure 7-1/2″ between centers and have a 1-1/4″ offset.