Eye Bolts: Types and Usage

When you have got something to fix or any household task to do then you must be sure that you have got the appropriate tools. If your supply needs require an eye bolt then you should also be certain that you’ve fetched the right model. Here’s a quick breakdown. Do have a read!

If you’re doing a straight line pull then you’ll need a regular size of a lifting eye bolt. This would be in fact the anchor point so as to fasten a wire pipe and any appropriate geared apparatus, which is attached to the end point. The galvanized stainless steel object enables less corrosion on the bolt, which could have affected the vigor and durability of the metal object.

You should always look for an eye bolt that is made up of stainless steel and is welded from marine grade steel, so that it can easily withstand any kind of environs, be it harsh, wet or humid. The welding of the bolt enables it to be used as a heavy duty ballast point. However, if it’s used on commercial purpose then the manufacturer should always consider the working load limits.

If you are required to do any kind of angular lifting then you should always go for a shoulder eye bolt, so as to safely execute the task. The shoulder bolt is actually a ‘collar’ type present between the shank and the eye. This helps maintain the durability and strength of the bolts. When you are doing an angular lifting then always be sure to go through the user manual, regarding placement of the bolt, washers and threading for maximum output.

However, you can go for bolts, which are not welded, if you will be doing any lighter duty task. Such stainless steel eye bolts are usually made up of marine grade steel and is quite resistant. This is also cheaper anchor point and it’s mandatory to always go through the instruction manual before using this light-weighed object.

The regular bolts can always be tailored made as per the client’s requirement and suiting the environmental conditions of their jobs.