Dog Point Set Screw: The Most Commonly Used Set Screw

A socket set screw is a specific type of threaded fastener, which usually does not feature a head. Unlike other kind of commonly used rivets, this metal piece is basically an adjustment device generally used to develop axial chunk. Such kind of screw comes handy and is used for multiple uses. Plus, it is also available in various types, the most common type, being the dog point set screw.

Such type of fastener is used to clutch body parts like collar, gear, sleeve, coupling etc. into an axle, so as to prevent relative oscillation. The socket feature helps such kind of screw to effectively rotate in a desired direction. The sockets are available in various types, including fluted socket, square head, screwdriver slot, hexagon socket and much more in the list.

You should always consider the point of your fastener before purchasing it. You should know which model is suitable for your job. The point of a rivet is the area, which rotates against the shaft during penetration. The point selection is usually done by determining the nature of the functionality. The point is available in various types, which are as follows:

Dog Point Set Screw:

It is the most common type, mostly used for fixing into any permanent location of one surface to the other. It features a broad flattened end, followed by its angular threads ending before just above the tail. The fastener’s end is placed in the already drilled hole in shaft or on a flat surface. It is often replaced with the dowel pinions and always works well against the must rugged surface or hollow tubing.

Flat type:

Such kind of point is used on those surfaces, where parts are always replaced or re-set. IN this frequent application, such kind of point helps prevent damage or any kind of wear and tear.

Knurled Cup:

This type of point is used for permanent locations, including collars, gears, knobs, pulleys and shafts. This particular head is able to resist more amount of vibration.

Plain Cup:

This point is used for style set screw. It is usually used in permanent as well as fluctuating locations mainly on shaft, featuring hardness differential of 10-15 Rockwell C points and in those areas, where the cutting of the cap is acceptable.

You can select any of these above set screws, determining the nature and requirement of your job.