Amazingly, These are Sculptures made with Only Screws

Andrew Myers Screw Sculpture 01

Andrew Myers Screw Sculpture 02

Pablo Picasso had once said that some painters transform the sun into a yellow spot, while there are painters, who can transform a yellow spot into the sun.

His words can only seem to be true, if we come across some mind-boggling creations of some of the world’s treasured artists and sculptors. It is also true that art can take any form and creativity is always more than just being different.

Even from simple things, say screws, we can conceive great designs and even life-like faces. Hard to believe such words? Well, then you need to have a look at the works by Andrew Myers, who creates wonders by using fasteners. Up till now, you would be using screws to hang a painting on your wall. But this person uses the fasteners to conceive incredible 3 dimensional portraits by inserting thousands of screws into plywood.

Since his childhood, this legendary person has been exquisitely influenced by European art and culture. Born in Germany and raised in Spain, his espial to classical as well as modern architecture prompted him to create unimaginable artwork. This California based artist has certainly given a new look to the portrait work of art.

When he creates anything on plywood, the subject of his creation gets screwed literally. That’s because, he is the world’s only vindicator of what we now call as ‘screw art’. He elegantly uses the heads of the heads of the Phillips screws and then inserts them into a simple peg wood to design 3D paintings, especially portraits.

Andrew Myers Screw Sculpture 03

The artist’s main area of expertise is sculptures. Click here to know more about his swanky designs. Each painting took him at least 6 months to complete, yet he is selling his works at a throw away price, say $35,000 per piece. As per him, he is not doing this for money.

“Most people are drawn to the portraits because they have something different about them (from a distance especially). Seeing them in person is a whole different feel than seeing the photograph. They have a sense of depth that the photo can’t capture.” – Andrew Myers

He goes through a multistep procedure to conceive a mind-boggling art you almost have to see and touch it to believe. He starts with a plywood frame and then puts pages of a phonebook on top. Interestingly, he uses pages from his subjects’ local area. Then he simply draws out a face with a pencil and pre-drills at least 8,000 to 10,000 holes within the drawn area. He then keeps on inserting the screws into each pre-drilled hole. He doesn’t use any kind of advanced computer software for guidance; instead he simply follows his basic instincts as he goes along.

Andrew Myers Screw Sculpture 04

In a recent interview he said that he considers his form of art to be just another traditional art form and that all of his used screws are placed at different depths. However, one of the most challenging parts is to get rid of the pencil drawing underneath and because of this, he has to paint on every Phillips screw head individually, so as to make it look like an actual painting.

Myers mingles modern fabric with the top notch figurative adroitness, flaunting a universal subject matter that is quite evident from his work. It is the fusion of those three factors that screws art pieces are able to captivate viewers.