Various Uses of Shoulder Bolts

With the diverse industrial requirements, the hardware supplies are now-a-days available in wide varieties. The hardware market is replete with various types of nuts and bolts. All you need is to go online and fetch for your desired item, which best suits your work.

Shoulder Bolts

There are some fasteners, which feature diverse applications, like the shoulder screws. These rivets are used in various applications, even in areas which require rotation and locking of screws. These rivets are also known as shoulder bolts. The primary difference between such screws and other types of rivets lies heavily in threading. Unlike regular screws, the ridges of these fasteners, which wind up the shaft, finish off as soon as the rivet is turned into the hole.

In regular screws, the threading is present across the entire body, but in shoulder bolts, the threading ends few distance from the head, thus leaving behind a smooth square/round shaped shaft between the head and the threading. Their shaft is usually larger than the threads. And because of this unique design of theirs, these fasteners are able to meet diverse requirements. For instance, these rivets are used in mechanical as well as in automotive fields, as their cylindrical structures make good fastening objects for pulleys, moving parts and linkages. The round heads enable these screws to be suitable for the above mentioned applications, as they allow easy rotation just like a pin linkage.

These rivets are also available in square shoulders, as it is with the case of the round head wooden bolt. They are quite useful as they easily resist the rotation, thereby behaving as a durable fastener. The head wooden bolt is ideal for furniture, as its square shoulder can efficiently resist movement, thereby enabling it to get locked inside the furniture. Furthermore, it features a smooth round-shaped head without any slots for a wrench or screwdriver. In this case, the bolt is tightened with a nut, which is attached onto the threaded end. The application can be seen in children’s playground in the wooden play structures.

The shoulder bolts are used for varied purposes. Thus, depending upon the type of your job, you should go for the particular pattern of such fasteners.