Types and Features of Left Hand Threaded Bolts

Fasteners are used in various hardware jobs. Almost every kind of fixing job requires screws, bolts and anchors. These are now extensively used, ranging from fastening two wooden panels to fixing heavy duty specialized stainless steel bolts into extreme surfaces such as in the building of oil rigs. The left hand threaded bolts are one of the most common types of screws used in the hardware industry.

male and female external threaded bolts

These bolts are usually made up of plain steel and are fully threaded. These bolts feature a left-hand thread, unlike regular fasteners which are turned right while tightening. These all-thread types are used along-with nuts and are used for most common fastening procedure, ranging from anchor to a through bolt.

These are quite useful, as they are also used as ultra-long bolts. They also act as superb replacements in situations when a correct length of bolt cannot be established, as these fasteners can be easily cut into desirable lengths.

Unified Thread markings

These stud bolts are available in three common designs in the market, which include the double end, tap end and the continuous head.

The double end is most likely the continuous threads and uses two nuts for fixation. Each end is threaded by a smooth shank and both ends feature flat ends. The tap end features a smooth shank, which separates the thread and one end of the thread is longer than the other end.

Thread diameter

While one end is employed with a nut, the other end is screwed into a tapped hole. The continuous thread features a continuous end throughout the body with flat ends.

Unlike screws, which are tightened with the help of a screw driver, you will require a wrench to fasten a left hand threaded bolt to any surface. If you are looking to do any hardware job all by yourself then make sure to have required tools to fasten such bolts.

Bolt and screw head typical forms

The Internet can be your best guide to understand the types and functionality of such hardware supplies.