Salient Features of Stainless Steel Carriage Bolts

Nuts and bolts probably share the same chemistry as that of salt and pepper. While nuts are hardware fasteners, featuring threaded holes, the stainless steel carriage bolts are fasteners, featuring round and flat heads without any thread. These are tightened by a rench onto a surface and the process is completed by fastening the bolt at the other end. The bolts are available in various types in the market.

Such type of fastener is usually found in wooden chairs or couch, which hold two separate wooden pieces. Not only in the furniture, but these fasteners are widely used in iron and steel industries as well. The heavy duty screws and bolts are specially designed to withstand heavy weights and offer safety and durability. The bolts are available in three primary designs and the carriage type is one of them.

These fasteners are used in holding individual pieces intact and are available with washers and nuts. This particular stainless steel type is different from others because of its thread that is continuous on its entire length. You need to consider the head of such bolts, so as to understand their functionality i.e. if they are used for masonry, machines etc.

However, the stainless steel carriage bolts usually feature a round head and square collar. If you’re thinking of tightening this item in a place then you’ll definitely require an appropriate wrench, suitable for your chosen bolt. The collar of the bolt fits into the pre-drilled hole and in special cases; it is twisted into a rather fragile surface say wood.

This is done as the collar of such fasteners are square in shape, which prevent them from turning while the installing process. Besides, the threads are coarse, so you need to consider their diameter before buying these items.

The stainless steel carriage bolts are available in diameter ranging from 3/4 to 3/16 inches and in lengths ranging from 1/2 to 10 inches. You can go online to check-out the varieties and can settle for a particular model, which best suits your job requirement.