Now Organize Your Life with Storage Cabinets

Organizing your workplace or garage in a sensible way always enables you in maximizing your available space. With a proper storage cabinet, you can easily clean up the mess and can store more number of items, thereby giving a revamped look to the old place.


By bringing home a heavy duty storage cabinet, you are not only enhancing the look of the place, which earlier gave nothing sort of an eyesore and moreover, you always had a hard time in finding any required item on the spot. The closet not only helps you organize the items, but also make your workplace simpler and easy to deal with.

These cupboards come in a variety of styles and configurations, depending on their usage. Apart from looking for modular storage units, you can also opt for customized closets, which can precisely meet your requirements and the proportions of the space.


Usually, such kind of depository is specially designed to effectively store supplies ranging from files and kitchen knives to hardware items and sports equipment. The design helps you quickly get what you have been searching for, plus the varied sizes available in the market helps you go for a suitable one as per your requirement.

These units can be used anywhere, in bathroom, in kitchen and in garage too. All you need is to look for a suitable design that suits your requirement. The storage cabinets can be used anywhere, in bathroom, in kitchen and in garage too. All you need is to look for a suitable design that suits your requirement.

The clear view cabinets for the bathroom are usually made from durable and water resistant materials, which are either painted or varnished. These come in numerous designs; wall mount types, free-standing types and so on. Such cabinets usually come with a mirror.

The commonly used storage unit types include the following:


#Heavy Duty Storage Cabinet: Such closets are the most popular as they feature multiple shelves, drawers and pockets to hold a variety of items. Since a cabinet usually features a limited footprint, so the vertical space is maximum utilized. A large-sized dresser like this is an ideal option for garage or workplace. It can also be used outdoor as it’s weather-proof.

#Cabinets with Adjustable Shelves: Such kind of depository does not require you to reinstall the unit, as there’s any shifting. Such kind of cupboard with great facilities and bracket standards can be easily and quickly configured again.

#Safety Storage Racks: Such cupboards are usually designed for a specific purpose, like being used as a medicine cabinet for storing first aid supplies. These are also used in kitchens for storing cans and are also available to occupy gas cylinders as well.

#Pegboard: Such closets are used in a garage and are usually mounted on a basement wall. These are also adjustable by nature and are used to hang tools and other hardware items, such as fasteners, hammers, pegs etc.

#Drawer Cabinets: These are great storage cabinets, easily fitting into any room of your house. Such containers are used to store loose items in an organized manner. You can use them for storing your jewelry, cosmetics and make-up accessories. Cabinets with multi-drawers are used to store sewing tools, craft items or any kind of workplace odds and ends.

These above mentioned containers are designed as per distinct requirements. While some are designed specifically for bathrooms and kitchens, others are heavy-duty designs, which are ideal for commercial purposes.

Various warehouses opt for heavy-duty storage cabinets, as such depository enables them to organize their stuff safely and smartly. Such closets are more often found in chemist shops. Besides, home owners also heavily rely upon such items to give a clean and systemized look to their homes.

Tips to consider before buying any repository 

  • Before you select a particular design, remember to measure the area, where you’re planning to install it.
  • Measure the width and the height of the area, which is going to occupy the cabinet
  • For garage, make sure you are well aware about the depth and that your chosen design is capable enough to leave room for your vehicle
  • Another relevant factor to consider is that what you’re planning to store in this purchased item, as buying randomly without being clear on the usage, may land you up in a bad deal.
  • So, it’s always better to list out the items in advance. This will help you get a suitable size and design
  • Now that you’re done with place and the items to store, you should now consider the material of the storage cabinet. These units are available in varied materials, ranging from plastic and wood to metal and fiber
  • If the place you’re planning to store suffers from moisture then go for a plastic closet
  • The shelves are available in closed types and in wired types. So try considering this factor as well.

Heavy duty storage cabinets are a great way to organize your life. They help us become more systemized and active. We can now instantly reach out to our required items from the bundle and these units also enable us to utilize the space for other treatments.

We, at Mutual Screw, help you easily get your desired item. You do not have to spend some extra minutes looking for a particular design. All those items are displayed under their respective categories, thereby making your search easier and faster.

Almost every item is displayed with an elaborate description, so that you can quickly realize their functionality. Plus the specifications help you fetch a specific design, which goes with your requirement and likeness.