Hanger Bolt Drivers: Strong yet Close-at-Hand Fastener Tool

The hanger bolt drivers are quite close at hand, but are also strong tools, thereby greatly helping in fastening the hanger bolts. First of all, you need to fasten the machine thread side into the tool by using your electric drill to drive in the wood screw of the hanger bolt.

Hanger BoltThe hanger bolts are usually studs, which are used to either suspend or attach particular objects to the wooden surface. Like regular rivets, they even feature threads at each end.

They feature lag threads at one end, which are specially designed for wood and machine threads at the other end, which are used to insert a nut into an internally tapped hole.

In such kind of task, you cannot go for a regular slotted driver and even the Phillips-head type driver won’t work. You will instead require a bolt driver to get your job done.

Main features:

  • These are used in hook-ups with L-feet and 8 inch-hanger bolts, which even support any sturdy object, say rails and also in crumpled metal surfaces
  • They enable easy penetration into 3/16-inch pilot holes in the metal roofs
  • These are available in huge variety of PV mounting patterns, which are ideal to suit any job kind and site
  • Such kind of tool enables a strong hardware support system by easy installation procedure
  • These are usually made up of chrome vanadium steel, ideal for extreme durability
  • Ideal for tightening threaded rod and bolts

Hanger bolt types

At Mutual Screw store, these are also available in bulk quantities in sealed plastic bags with clear labels

The hanger bolt drivers are an essential necessity, especially in hardware industries, where fasteners like nuts and bolts in huge numbers, be it a steel manufacturing industry or furniture company, they do require such amenities to get their tasks done.

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