Elevator Bolts: Helping Pieces Assemble Together

Elevator bolts originally date back to mid-18th century and were used to fasten the lift buckets with a belt, so that the grains could be lifted to be stored in the vertical grain cabinets of the lift. Today, these rivets are rather used in broad applications, which are altered to transporter systems.

Elevator Bolt

They not only secure flooring, but are also used in grading legs. These are more commonly found in skateboards and snowmobiles and in places, where application of head clearance is acute.

Many a times, a great anatomy often depends upon the minute things to hold together. No matter how huge and sturdy an object is, it’s the bolts that keep them intact. Only a single rivet can alter the functioning of any machine, thereby resulting in disastrous malfunction. Thus such kind of hardware supplies plays a major role in the proper functioning of any machine or engine.

Black and white elevator bolts

The elevator bolts are available in different sizes and so are their uses. While some of them are used in the transporter belt, others are used in the elevator itself. They are generally available with flat heads and their sizes range from 3 to 6 inches.

There are some rivets, which feature a slight different variation like having eyes or fangs. You can check out the various designs of this item on Mutual Screw website, so as to make sure if these are the fasteners you are looking for.

Elevator bolts Bottom view

If you’re planning to purchase them then make sure which one best suits your requirement, as these tools have distinct features and values on safety, durability, user-friendly and other related properties.

Selecting a specific type is quite crucial, as per the designs, uses also varies. You should always make sure that you are buying those items, which have longer efficiency.

You do not have to go for an expert guidance to know your requirement for elevator bolts. Simply browse through the website to understand your requirement and accordingly you can go ahead to place your orders, as online shopping is quite a buzz these days.

Stainless Elevator Bolts

Mutual Screw and Supply, the leading fastener company offers stainless elevator bolts in all sizes and grades, thereby suiting every individual’s requirement. By browsing through our items, you would realize the variety in sizes and finishes of the bolts. We deal with almost every type of nuts and bolts, even including the elevator bolts.


These rivets are also available in zinc plated mild steel. A latest addition in the world of bolts is the Western 3-Prong bolt, which was invented in Western Canada. It is specially designed for use with smaller head pulleys by using thinner belts.

This advanced bolt is a great alternative to the flanged head bolts, which are used in applications for larger elevator buckets. This kind of elevator bolt offers durability, engagement and strength at a cost-effective price. These new bolts are available in ¼”x1″, ¼”x1-1/4″, 5/16″x1-1/4″ and 5/16″x1-1/2″.

With a stockpile of over 14 million pieces in 53 different sizes and 3 types of finishes, including plain steel, zinc plate and 18-8 stainless steel, we offer the largest range of elevator bolts in the United States.

Specifications of elevator bolts 

  • Material: General Carbon Steel, Carbon Steel with zinc plated, Stainless Steel
  • Intensity of Bolt :  Class 4-8
  • Model: Standard Bolt, Flat Countersunk Bolt, Fang Bolt (Tooth Bolt), Belt Bolt.
  • Standard: GB, ISO, ANSI, DIN, BSW, JIS
  • Dimension: M3-M22
  • Length: 10mm-600mm
  • Grade: 4.8, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9//

The stainless elevator bolt is further classified into following categories

#Standard Bolt – It is suitable for hoisting light-weight material, when low elevator velocity is applied. These bolts are recommended for fitting plastic bucket.

#Flat Countersunk Bolt – It is appropriate for raising elevating bulk material having high gravity weight and velocity. It is used to fit plastic elevator bucket or steel bucket, as per the requirement. It imparts huge impact strength in the running.

#Fang Bolt – This kind of stainless elevator bolt is suitable for raising bulk material having high gravity weight and velocity. It’s function is also same as of the above.

#Belt Bolt – It is also appropriate for elevating heavy-duty objects. These are mostly used in car seat belts.