Anchor Bolts: Essential for Construction Job

Anchor bolts are a much needed essential for any kind of construction job. These are mostly needed to fasten certain objects to the concrete wall or surface, so as to enhance the durability of the foundation. With such kind of fastener, the concrete becomes earthquake resistant and also can sustain any kind of adverse environmental conditions.

These are the most sought-after rivets in the hardware industry, as they are used in various purposes. These are available in various designs in the market, most of which are patented by specific companies. However, these possess a definite threading pattern till the end, to which a washer and nut are attached for the outer load.

The anchor bolts are extensively used in various types of construction projects, ranging from constructing dams to the standard building architecture and also in nuclear power plants. These types of rivets are also used to rigidly affix the tucked in plates into a firm concrete foundation, while using any basic steel element.

These are available in various designs, including wedge bolts, which are ideal for interior usage; galvanized wedge bolts, enabling best corrosion resistance; strike bolts, which are ideal for solid concrete set-ups for both medium and heavy loads; sleeve bolts, which best work for heavy duty anchors; lag shield bolts, which are used for both light as well as heavy loads managing light-weight and fluctuating loads to be fastened in the concrete surface; leadwood screw anchors, which are ideal for removing fixtures; double expansion affixes, which are ideal for anchoring into block base material say, bricks; hurricane shutter type are enabled with shutter embed anchors to enhance good fastening ability.

Among all the patterns, the simplest one is the cast-in place affix. Almost all the above mentioned designs feature standard bolt along-with a hexagonal head, which is helpful in casting in the wet concrete, before it sets.  These are also the most strongest of all other anchor bolts and they are ideal for heavy duty machines, which are clambered upon poured concrete floors.

Today, various types of tools are available in the market to assist in managing and in setting these bolts to fit well in the concrete surface.