Tripod Screw: Helping Photographers Easily Attach Any Third Part Device to their Cameras

A tripod is usually a three-legged instrument, which acts as a supporting device for a camera. It is basically used to balance and jack up the camera and its equipment, including the flash unit.

Apart from the three legs, it features a mounting head so as to pair up with the camera. This mounting head is enabled with a thumbscrew known as tripod screw, which is screwed into a female threaded receiver on the camera.

Tripod screws

This kind of mechanism helps the photographic device to rotate and tilt it in the desired direction whenever required. The screw makes the device flexible, thereby making it easier for the user to use it as per the requirement.

The tripod stands are found in the vault of every professional photographer. Even the amateurs, working in varied situations, are seen using it.

Tripod Stands


This kind of tool is used both for video recording and still photography and its main function, being restricting camera movement. It is highly useful when slow-speed exposures are created and also when lenses of extreme focal length are attached to the camera.

While taking long distant images, it becomes crucial to keep the camera in static position, so as to prevent any blurred image. In the same vein, this device helps reduce shaking of camera and thus becomes instrumental in obtaining maximum sharpness.

Photo shoot on tripod stand

Besides, it is also helpful in obtaining well-defined framing of the picture and also when multi-images of the same scene are captured. To summarize, the tripod stand enables a more thoughtful approach to the art of photography.


To sustain maximum durability and stability, most of these devices are anchored around a center post, with disintergrating telescopic legs and the top, which can be elevated or lowered at any point of time. The top features the head along-with a camera mount.

This mount features a detachable plate along-with a tripod screw and several joints, thereby enabling the camera to rotate, pan and tilt.

Detachable plate tripod stand

Other Uses

Well, the tripod screw is not only used to fasten the tripod stand, but it is also useful in holding various third party devices such as a microphone, flashes and adaptor. Below is a video, which describes one of the specifications of this fastener. Have a look!

The professional tripod screw usually comes in 4/1″-20 sizes and easily connects the external device to the camera by helps of help of a washer. It renders high-end performance, truly providing convenience to the photographers.

A professional Tripod screw


#This kind of fastener comes along with 2 nuts and easily connects the Shoe to 1/4″ – 20 screw

#One can easily install a Nikon SC-28 Flash Sync Cord to Flash Shoe or Yongnuo CTR-301P Flash Remote Trigger to Flash Shoe

SC-28 Nikon flash sync cord

#It can easily couple two cameras

#It is made up of Anodized Aluminum Metal