Significance of Bone Screws

There are very few fasteners, which work beyond the hardware industry and household appliances. The fasteners, such as bone screws, play a major role in orthopaedic world. So, before getting deeper, letÂ’s know the basic definition of such kind of rivet.

What is a bone screw?

It is a specialized kind of screw designed for use in orthopaedic surgery. It is used to assist in the healing of a fractured bone. It is a special kind of fastener, which is made from a non-sensile material and is implanted into the fractured bone, so as to stop the segments from moving around. This type of rivets fastens the broken segments of the bone with one another, thereby enabling it to heal properly. They can be later removed, allowing the bone to fuse back to its original form.

When the injured cartilages are required to be fused together, a bone screw is implanted into the fractured area either temporarily or permanently, depending upon the severity and age of the case. In cases of elderly people, it’s quite difficult for broken ligaments to heal up naturally. Therefore, they have to bear those metal pieces in their bodies for the rest of their lives.

Here’s a video explaining the screw imlantation method. Do have a look!

Considering on the severity and location of the injured part, a patient is usually given local anaesthesia for implanting such fastener. The surgeon cuts off the skin of the fractured area. After repositioning the displaced bone at its accurate position, the screws are then inserted into the bone for a predetermined time-period. When the healing process is completed, the screws are then either left in place or removed.

The orthopaedic specialists may use one of a variety of methods, including these rivets for in their distinct cases. Typically, such metal piece is inculcated into the bone directly across the damaged area to fuse the torn pieces together. The rivet is further driven through the bone with a specialized type of tool, much like a drill. This kind of special drill is used to create a pre-drilled hole in the spot, before installing the screw.

US Navy doctors perform an open reduction internal fixation operation on the femur.

Bone screws are available in varied range of sizes and materials and are used distinctively in cases of different bone repairs. The recent advancement is medical research has conceived a wider selection of materials and options for patients requiring particular type of fasteners for their treatment.

Earlier such metal pieces were made from titanium. And a surgeon had to go through two different steps so as to implant the screw into the damaged area and then to surgically remove it later. This process was quite painful and time-consuming and the holes created from the screws never used to heal. However, these days, researchers have greatly improved the technique and have come up with an idea that screws can be made from a certain material that grows into the implant and eliminates the holes in the bone caused by the screws. This recently invented material is known as biodegrade and is now quite abuzz.

The procedure and tools used also depend upon the kind of fracture and which bone is actually broken. As with any other surgical method, there are certain risks and so also benefits involved to inserting and removal of these metal objects. Based on the scale of damage and the overall health of the patient, the doctor determines the best course of action for bone repair accordingly.